Reasons Why Mario Spinoffs are Better Than Mario Platforms and Role Playing Games

I like the Spinoffs better than the platforms and RPGs.

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1More EntertainingV1 Comment
2Can Play as More Characters

You can play as Daisy, Wario, Waluigi which are not playable in the platformers. - Metts

3Princess Peach Doesn't Get Captured

That's what's awesome about the Spinoffs. - Metts

4Better Music

The music of Mario Kart is better than Super Mario Bros. - Metts

5Donkey Kong is in Them

DK is not in any of the platformers due to having his own series. - Metts

6Less Frustrations

I don't have to put up with frustration crap in Mario Galaxy. - Metts

7Can Play with Friends More Often

You can play with friends only in New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 3D World. - Metts

8More Competitive

Mario Party and Mario Kart are far more competitive than Mario Bros. - Metts

9Not Having to Deal with Bowser Being the Villain

He is a villain in Mario Party but you don't have to deal with him too much. - Metts

10More Memorable

Mario Kart Double Dash is the most memorable Mario game in my opinion. - Metts

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