Top Ten Reasons Why Marvel Movies Are Better Than DC Movies

Marvel and DC movies are very popular right now, but Marvel is winning, here are the reasons why

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1 DC movies are just slow and depressing

I really like the Batman movies. DC movies are slow but the Dark Knight is kinda slow but is the best DC movie I've ever seen. - Metts

Does DC think their movies are just watched by Emos or something?

2 Marvel has movies comming out every year while DC keeps pushing their movies farther away

That's true. DC made a failed movie called Batman V Superman which is three years apart from Man of Steel which is released in 2013. - Metts

3 Marvel has better casting

Yep, true and they cast better actors. - Metts

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4 Batman vs Superman keeps getting pushed farther away

I WAS excited for this movie but now with all the weird casting and putting a bunch of characters in it, and after seeing Eisenberg's Lex Luthor and Doomsday in the trailer, I'm now just like "oh boy, looks like it's gonna go Amazing Spider-Man 2 on us"

And the whole cartoony personification of Lex Luthor and Doomsday and a lot of other stuff in the trailer made me start to worry that this is just gonna turn into another Batman And Robin

Even if the trailer was kinda cool from this point on with all the weird casting, date change and all the characters being put in it, This movie now looks like it's gonna be crap

We're gonna die of old age before this ever comes out

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5 Marvel makes whatever movies they want while DC makes them based on how people reacted to their last movie
6 Marvel movies have awesome end credit scenes

Yeah, the end credit scene really put the suspended into the next movie and connect the cinematic universe together.

7 Marvel movies have more action

Because more movies = More action. - Metts

8 Marvel movies are fun and exciting

They're way more fun to watch. I've enjoyed Avengers movies and X-Men movies a lot. - Metts

9 DC is too afraid to use their lesser known characters

While marvel decides to make a movie about black panther that is not as known as thor or iron man dc is just making movies about superman or batman and maybe some others like green lantern or wonderwoman

10 Marvel had a cinematic universe planned while DC just crammed all their heroes in Batman vs Superman

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11 Marvel Has More Live-Action Movies While DC Has More Animated Movies

Seriously, how does DC expect to beat Marvel when Marvel has big blockbusters coming out ever year in every movie theater and DC just makes a bunch of direct to DVD/Netflix animated movies that almost nobody is gonna see or probably even know exists

Live - Action is better than Animated. - Metts

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12 DC is Rushing Their Cinematic Universe
13 DC Focuses Too Much on Batman

Yeah that's so true totally tubular

14 Marvel uses underrated heroes while DC just used commonly known ones all the time
15 Marvel Has Stan Lee Cameos

Stan Lee is a very important person. He's very good at making stories. - Metts

16 Marvel Doesn't Pander to Their Fans as Much as DC Does
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