Top Ten Reasons Why Mega Man 2 Is Bad

You know what we hate? Mega Man 2. Here's why!

Note: I don't hate Mega Man 2. I like it though

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1The Metal Blades are overpowered

Who cares about the other weapons? We got the METAL BLADES. We don't need no Leaf Shield or Time Stopper. We got the metal blades! - Chaotixhero

2Sprite flickering

So annoying. Does it every time and it slows down the game too. - Chaotixhero

3Instantly responding enemies

I beat that guy, another one comes out of no where. I beat another guy and another comes out of no where. - Chaotixhero

4Can't replay stages after you beat them

I beat Quick Man's But I wanna try it again but nope can't do it. I gotta go to stupid Crash Man instead. - Chaotixhero

5Can't be Air Man

To me, Air Man is easy to beat. But for some odd reason, there is a song called "I cannot defeat Air Man". What? - Chaotixhero

6Wily's Spaceship has an annoying sound
7All Wily Castle stages have terrible bosses

There's even one where you need to die and grind for some more weapon energy. Do you know how stupid that is? I WAS FURIOUS! - Chaotixhero

8The ending is weird
9Metal Man is weak to his own weapon
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