Top 10 Reasons Why Metallica is Great

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1They made some of the best songs in the 80s

The Four Horsemen, Whiplash, Seek and Destroy, Ride The Lightning, Fade to Black, Creeping Death, Battery, Master of Puppets, Orion, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Blacked, One, and Dyers Eve are all really good songs by Metallica. - AggressiveBlaze

2Metallica has some great lyrics

Even though not as good as Megadeth, their lyrics don't suck. - AggressiveBlaze

3James Hetfield is a good singer

Way better singer than Dave Mustaine.

4Cliff Burton was one of the best metal bassists of all time

Rivalring Steve Harris, he did some great bass solos from Orion and Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth), and in Ride The Lightning played the intro to For Whom The Bell Tolls). Too bad he died from a bus accident in 1986. - AggressiveBlaze

5They made Master of Puppets, the greatest metal album of all time

Eh... Ride the Lightning is better.

6Dave Mustaine was once a member of Metallica
7They are one of the most influential metal bands out there

Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden were more influential though, but Metallica was the most influential Thrash Metal band, even though they did not invent the genre. (Anthrax invented the Term, Queen the first song, Venom the first band). - AggressiveBlaze

8Kirk Hammett played good solos, even with the Wah pedal

Sure there was a wah pedal, but as long as the solo is good enough. Sure a lot of them sound the same, but at least they're actually good. - AggressiveBlaze

9Metallica wrote "One"

It makes Master of Puppets sound like crap.

10James Hetfield has both guitar and vocal skills

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11Lars Ulrich was a great drummer
12They made Ride the Lightning, the greatest metal album of all time

Way better than Master of Puppets.

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1. They made some of the best songs in the 80s
2. Metallica has some great lyrics
3. James Hetfield is a good singer



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