Reasons Why Minecraft Sucks Now

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41Fanbase is too bigV1 Comment
428 Year Olds Squealing at Enderman

Literally, ended an is a childish stupid character that I think is boring

An annoying mob that makes all kids rage and Scream their heads off the planet! Just like creepers, WAY to go Mojang

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43You Can't Find Your House While Exploring

Compass helps, build your house on spawn.

This is why I liked Pocket Edition until they added infinite worlds.

Same I missed the old days! In the old days I never been lost but I have been lost! - InfernoTopTenners

That's what Beds And Compasses are for, case Closed

Well that's survival

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Pricing is bad for those people who hate to spend money on anything, and expect everything to be Given to them.

Yes, the pricing for Minecraft sucks. Some games cost 60 bucks, but are good, but Minecraft isn't good.

You know what's stupid? The PS4 and XBone versions are the exact same as all the other versions except with clunky and unresponsive controls, VERY slight graphical enhancements and less stuff, yet it costs $40-50 more than other versions. A despicable price-gouging scheme if I've ever seen one.

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45Too Many Kids

Dude the game is made for every age. It's like saying a mall has too many old people. Get this off the list.

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46Jeb's Stupid Updates

Yeah most people left because of him

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47Console Versions Have Lots of Screaming Kids

This is also why I am deaf (I'm not kidding I really am).

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48Youtuber Community/Multiplayer

Don't forget about those who make minecraft animated *porn*

There are a flood of 9 year olds on servers that keep asking for sex.

Multiplayer is highschool roleplays which is just skipping class and girls in "cute bikini" drown in pool and they expect their crush to save them. I'm a female myself and I find this pathetic.

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49Multiplayer Going Downhill

Minecraft used to be a game where you could have fun building stuff with your friends!
now its boring with the new pointless stuff they added

50Dumb Server Admins

Yeah that's why there is a multiplayer is horrible list

-8/69 "Server admins are worse than the Admin Abusers in tf2, and the Admin abusers cause random stuff to happen like random cows and random tanks and stuff. Imagine what the Minecraft Server admins would do. Squids, bunnies, and all other random mobs everywhere

Dumb server admins. Be cause if you have a server you shouldn't be allowed to do what you want with it?

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51Gets Boring Quickly

After 5-10 minutes of, playing it gets extremely boring

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52So Slow Gaming

Some games running are fast paced and some, like Minecraft makes our blood boil.

It's the kind where you take very long to run from here to there. And the noobs gotta be so raging since they can't brew a potion.

Bloodborne has fast paced gaming moving around and stuff dark souls even if it was slow paced at least it was still fun unlike Minecraft

53It Runs On Java.

And why does that make difference exactly?

Running out of reasons to hate Minecraft I see

What, how does this effect the game

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54No Missions, Just Free Roam

Your right, if this game had missions, maybe I might actually play it again

Don't get me wrong I like MC but I'm not like those people. I don't understand why 5-year-old are obsessed with it and enjoy the free roam, but seriously, put at least some missions - spiderskull98

Dude the game mode is sandbox. It isn't supposed to have missions. Nit every game has to have wizard101 quests that you want ok?

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55DDOSing and DOXING
56Story Mode

It's a crappy Telltale game anyways, adding it in would detract from an already ailing game. Why Minecraft even has "characters" in this respect is hard to understand.

For me and many other people Minecraft was an interesting breed because it had no story, so it was basically way to choose your own adventure. but then this abomination rolled onto the scene and killed the sense of adventure, mystery, and atmosphere that the game brought

Why is it a separate game? You could've just did an expansion pack, like Batman: Arkham City with Quinn's Revenge and Watch_Dogs with Bad Blood. - spiderskull98

They should just put Minecraft out of it's misery. - Swellow

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57They Add Updates for Every Version, Except Console

Infact Minecraft in pc updates come like 999 times per second while the console versions need to wait a lot I mean a few weeks and Minecraft updates while the console takes a few months or longer specially tu12 it's a "big" update I was really waiting just for a few things to be there

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58Ripoff of Roblox

Roblox was made before Minecraft anyway. Screw you super Minecraft kid

Minecraft has nothing to do with Roblox dumb dumb

Lol guys, you kidding? It was inspired off of Infiniminer. It was just a big coincidence that Roblox and Minecraft just have a lot of similarities.

Roblox (2005) Minecraft (2009)

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59Terrain Generator

It used to be that it was so easy to get lost in a biome. Now all the biomes are horribly generated and can easily be escaped from by walking a few blocks. Instead of conquering a huge forest, you conquer a tree and then move on to a desert. Although there are mods and other game modes, should it really be necessary? Shouldn't biomes start out as big, vast areas to get lost in?

The mountains look like crap now. They are all grey and ugly. And all the biomes are the same. And you can even spawn on an island with nothing on it. Not mentioning the oceans are enormous. - SammySpore

Cause real oceans aren't enormous

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60No More Roses

I missed them so much! Now we're living with those awkward flower Poppy that usually a real rip-off of the rose, but has the dark spot for some reason. And what's next? A Deadbush to the regular Bush?

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