Reasons Why In My Darkest Hour is the Best Megadeth Song

My Favorite Megadeth Song, and while its pretty underrated, just because it isn't Symphony of Destruction, or Holy Wars... The Punishment Due, doesn't mean you shouldn't listen to it. I have came up with some reasons why In My Darkest Hour is the greatest Megadeth song and always will be.

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1The Lyrics of the Song are some of the best in Megadeth

The Lyrics in this song are some good lyrics, about when things were getting hard, when Megadeth replaced their members, and Cliff Burton had died from the bus wreck. Things got hard, and nobody bothered helping, or didn't even care about what was happening. Ill tell you what Modern Music's darkest hour (or 7 years and counting) is, Justin Bieber ruling the Pop Industry.

"In my hour of need, HA! You're Not There! And Though I Reached Out for You, Wouldn't Lend a Hand! " - AggressiveBlaze

2It isn't an overrated mainstream metal song like Symphony of Destruction or A Tout Le Monde

A song doesn't have to be popular to good. There are many people who hate Justin Bieber to this day, and he's the most popular artist out there. Also, it really gets bothered that all the not so great songs end up being the most popular.

"Oh I Like Symphony of Destruction because it's their most popular song! " - Dumb reason to like a song.
" I like In My Darkest Hour because it's a musical Masterpiece with Powerful, meaningful lyrics, and some great solos, and the classic intro is one of the best I've ever seen." - Good reason to like a song. - AggressiveBlaze

3The Classic Intro that will never be forgotten

It starts off with the acoustic guitar, kinda like in Battery, when the Heavy Metal then pushes in after a few seconds, and it will never be forgotten. It's basically starts a musical masterpiece, and lets the listener know that they are going to really enjoy the song. - AggressiveBlaze

4It is one of their heaviest songs

Even though it saves their speed and thrash until the mid-end to the song, like in Peace Sells, the first half of the song has its heavy riffs, and its kinda like For Whom The Bell Tolls, but with a better, not as annoyingly long intro. - AggressiveBlaze

5It has some of Megadeth's best solos

Sure people like the solos of Holy Wars and Tornado of Souls, and the nine in Hangar 18, but Rust In Peace is not the only album that has great solos, In My Darkest Hour has some great solos, and even a good key change during the solos. This is another reason why In My Darkest Hour is Megadeth's best song. - AggressiveBlaze

6Its one of Megadeth's more Epic songs, with a lot of thrash in it

When it comes to music, Short 4 minute Thrash Classics are great, such as Devil's Island and Dyers Eve (Two of my favorite Thrash Metal Songs), but I would rather prefer the longer, epic songs made by other great metal artists like Iron Maiden and Dream Theater. While In My Darkest Hour isn't the most epic song that I've ever listened to, it is the most epic Megadeth song I've listened to.

I Also like the Thrash music, and the fast, aggressive, sound, combined with the brutal, heavy, hardcore punk riffs played at the speed of SLAYER! And Megadeth's In My Darkest Hour is both Epic, and has the Thrash in it, something neither Iron Maiden, Dream Theater, or Slayer could accomplish (Listen to Metallica's 80s Instrumentals). - AggressiveBlaze

7It Is a Musical Masterpiece

In My Darkest Hour has nearly everything it needs to be a Musical Masterpiece. The Solos, The Epicness, the Lyrics, You name it, this song has it. You know what's the opposite of a Musical Masterpiece, oh I'll tell you, Insane Clown Posse's Miracles. - AggressiveBlaze

8It has good, Unique elementsV1 Comment
9The Ending of the Song, the Classic Intro ReturnsV1 Comment
10It has Megadeth's best riffs in the song

Similar to that of For Whom The Bell Tolls by Metallica, but only better. - AggressiveBlaze

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