Top 10 Reasons Why the N64 Goldeneye Is Better Than the New One

These are the reasons why I like the Nintendo 64 Goldeneye better than the Wii version!

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1The Gameplay Is FreeV1 Comment
2Objectives Are Funner

The gadgets that you get in the original Goldeneye are a lot funner to use! For example you get a covert modem, detnator, key cards, door decoders and more! - beatles5

3The Characters Are The Original Cast
4Extra Levels

In the original Goldeneye you get the Silo, Depot, Control Room, Caverns, Aztec and the Egyptian! - beatles5

5The Multiplayer

You actually get multiplayer modes like proximity, rockets, pistols, assaults and more. Also you get more maps too! - beatles5

6All Guns Cheat

Goldeneye for the Wii and Reloaded don't have the all guns cheat. The all guns cheat in my opinion is the best cheat in video game history! - beatles5

7No Cut Scenes

The new goldeneye has too many unskipable cutscenes where as the old goldeneye doesn't have any cutscenes except for the end of the level. It's so nice to not have cut scenes! - beatles5

8The Story Line

The story line is more like the 1995 movie. Also the levels match the movie a lot more - beatles5

9No Loading

The best thing about the Nintendo goldeneye is it didn't load. You started the game as soon as you picked a level! - beatles5

10The Wii Version Tries Too Hard To Be Like Call Of Duty

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11Gottfried John Is Arkady Ourumov

Gottfired John is an amazing actor and he did great as Ourumov. The new goldeneye doesn't have Gottfried John in it - beatles5

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1. The Gameplay Is Free
2. Objectives Are Funner
3. The Characters Are The Original Cast



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