Top 10 Reasons Why Nintendo Is Better Than PlayStation


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1 The Games are more Original

Well Nintendo helped gaming evolved creating the NES. - Metts

I would vote for Nintendo because the games were made first back in the 80s while PlayStation was made in the 90s, in which that makes the games much more original - Adamshane1999

2 Games are more enjoyable for Children

PlayStation has shooting games than Nintendo. - Connor360

Well it's enjoyable for any ages. - Metts

3 More Gaming Systems

Since 1980, they started with good gaming systems, while in 1995, PlayStation holds - Adamshane1999

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4 Super Smash Bros.

For Nintendo, their games have more original characters - Adamshane1999

Best game I've played. I've owned every Smash Bros. game for every system from N64-Wii U. - Metts

5 They have amazing Video Games

Like they hold Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as the most popular game in the universe - Adamshane1999

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6 Their Gaming Systems hold Third Party Gaming

Like for the Gamecube, they hold Sonic, Final Fantasy, and Kingdom Hearts - Adamshane1999

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