Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo Is Overrated


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1The Graphics/Visuals

Nintendo has bright, colorful visuals. Play an average Xbox game and you can barley see the game.

2Broken Gameplay

So how is it broken?

3Childish Games

Who made this list! Come on! Show you're self! - nintendofan126

4Their Video Games Are Way Too Easy

Come back after you've beaten an NES game.

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5Creating the Least Powerful Home Consoles from Both the 7th and 8th Generations

But it still got great graphics. - Metts

6They Ruined Gaming Forever

Oh really? I think if it wasn't for NES, gaming wouldn't have been as it is now today. - Kiteretsunu

Okay, listen up people! I did not make this lsit! I understand that it may seem like I did make this lsit, because it is unde rmy account after all, but I didn't make it. I'm thinking that maybe my account was probably hacked and all! I have deleted my remix of the list. It is NOT MINE! And if anybody thinks that I am lying in the slightest, check out my lists, and check out my username! I am a Nintendo fan, and have ebeen for over a decade I think! I do NOT think that Nintendo is overrated and I do NOT think that Nintendo ruined the Video gaming Industry forever! Thank you all for reading this! - HeavyDonkeyKong

This list is ruined forever that's for sure.

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7The Crossover Titles/Video Games

What is so bad about crossovers?

8Bad Characters

Still more memorable than some guy in a war.

9They Didn't Invent Video Games
10They're Just Figuring Out How to Integrate Proper Online Play Into Games

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11Broken Controls
12Most of Their Older Games Haven't Aged Very Impressively
13They Cashed In On Activision's Skylanders Fad With Amiibo
14Their Main Franchise is a Series Where the Sidekick is a Vastly Better Character Than the Main One
15The Nintendo Video Gaming ConsolesV1 Comment
16They Were Being Almost As Annoying As Sega Was During the SNES vs Genesis Bit Wars
17Making a Mario Kart Game In Which You Literally Have to Buy DLC Just to Access Nearly Half of the Entire Game's Worth of Content
18They Issue Copyright Strikes On Incredibly Great Fangames Without A Second Thought
19They Took Down AM2R In Exchange For Metroid Prime: Federation Force
20They Treat Many Of Their Game Franchises Horribly
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1. Creating the Least Powerful Home Consoles from Both the 7th and 8th Generations
2. They Didn't Invent Video Games
3. They're Just Figuring Out How to Integrate Proper Online Play Into Games
1. The Graphics/Visuals
2. Broken Gameplay
3. The Crossover Titles/Video Games



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