Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo and Rareware Should Make Games Together Again

Let's face it. Ever since Rare Left Nintendo, their games haven't been that good. Some were good in my Opinion. Some, weren't so good...but anyways Rare should totally get back together with Nintendo. Here just some of the few reasons!

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1They could make more games

Nintendo would be mega great with Rareware they already have a deal with Sega! So, the power of three! But I hope Microsoft doesn't buy em out - spodermanfan1000

They could probably make some games for the Wii U. They could probably even make a new Banjo Kazooie game. - nintendofan126

2They could make a New Banjo Kazooie game

Who doesn't want the bear and bird back in action? Come on people! You have to admit, this would be awesome! - nintendofan126

3It would make lots of fans happy

For years people have wanted to see rare and Nintedo team up again. People would go crazy if this did happen. - nintendofan126

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4They could make sequels to other RareWare games

Remember Banjo threeie? (or what ever it's called) that game got cancelled. Ever heard of "Grabbed by the Ghoulies? " They never made a sequel to that. So I see no harm in doing this. - nintendofan126

5They could make-up for "Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts"

The game wasn't so bad. I just thought it was boring and not as fun as the original games. - nintendofan126

6They could make "Conkers Bad Fur Day 2"

Not going to happen. Conker is one of the reasons why Rare ditched Nintendo and joined Microsoft.

I never played the original, but I heard its one of their best games. People would love a sequel! - nintendofan126

7They could collaborate with Nintendo to make some amazing games

Remember back in the Nintendo 64 days were Rare and Nintendo made games together? Good times... - nintendofan126

8Their games could be on virtual Console

Imagine playing Banjo Kazooie or Conkers bad fur day on you're Wii U... - nintendofan126

9They could make spin-off gamesV1 Comment
10They could make a new Franchise

Just about every Game series they have created it pure Gold! I bet they could make a better one though. - nintendofan126

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11They could frustrate everyone again and make Battletoads 2
12It Would Do Nothing But Please the Nostalgists Who Whined All Over

As much as I liked Rare's Nintendo games, I actually think Rare is doing well as part of Microsoft and there is no reason for them to go back to Nintendo unless it's a handheld game or something. There's certainly nothing wrong with being a multi-platform gamer and all consoles are good, regardless if it's Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft or else.

The majority of staffers who worked with Rare during their Nintendo years have parted ways and left the company to start something else, anyway. Besides, Nintendo's got plenty of other first and second party developers who make quality games such as Retro Studios, HAL Laboratories, Intelligent Systems, and Monolith Soft, to name a few. No reason for wanting Rare back.

13They Could Make Banjo-Threeie
14Star Fox Adventures Would Get an HD Remaster on a Future Console
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1. They could make more games
2. They could make a New Banjo Kazooie game
3. It would make lots of fans happy



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