Top Ten Reasons Why Nintendo Should Create a Legend of Zelda Movie


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1 It would make up for the Super Mario Bros Movie

Yea but this is the reason why there's no more Nintendo movies because of that movie - Matt92647

I think the Zelda story lines are good movie material compared to Mario's story lines to be honest. Unless you count the RPGs, Mario is just Peach kidnapped, traverse through eight worlds, castles, toads, fight Bowser, Peach saved. Rinse and repeat for more games.

Zelda is focused more on story. Even if they do make a movie it might be better than that sucky Mario one. - smrpg1996

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2 It would have epic battles

I'm also curious, which game would be the best to make a movie out of? Ocarina of Time? Majora's Mask? Skyward Sword? Twilight Princess? Or maybe Wind Waker? Or how about the older games like A Link to the Past? - smrpg1996

3 It would have an awesome villain
4 We'd get to see Zelda and Link come to life if it's live action
5 It will do more justice to Zelda than those criticized cdi titles
6 Getting to hear Link talk

With a good voice like Aragons or Sasukes. I think Link should sound tough and like a hero. - Skullkid755

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7 It will also make up for the Legend of Zelda cartoon
8 Actors from the Lord of the Rings could be in the film

Link kinda reminds me of Legolas while Ganon is like Sauron. - Skullkid755

9 If it's based off of a Zelda Wii U game it would boost Wii U sales
10 Cool special effects
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