Top Ten Reasons Why Olaf the Snowman Is Terrible!


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1Olaf Is Voiced by Josh Gad
2Olaf Is Annoying

He is. Througout the whole movie he was always losing his parts and making stupid suggestions which comprimised their plans. I think he was put in just to fit the snow-like theme of the movie, or to make the ads look better. The song was good, but it wasn't really that cool. Frozen could be perfectly fine without Olaf. If you imagine him not in the movie then it would go perfectly fine. As for the part where Anna's life is saved, someone could have heard Anna's cries for help and helps her. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

One of the most annoying characters in Disney ever!

3Olaf Is a Jerk

Anna and Elsa: Olaf is not jerk so take that back.

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4Olaf Is Too Dimwitted
5Olaf Has No Importance to the Plot.

Thank you! Somebody agrees with me!

6Olaf Said "Let's Go Kiss Hans" So That Means He's In Love With Hans
7Olaf's Song

The song had NO significance with the rest of the movie! It was pointless! - Minecraftcrazy530

I hate the movie an the songs pointless (even though it tells he loves summer. - Gamecubesarecool193

8His Name
9His Nose
10His Arms

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11Olaf is not funnyV1 Comment
12Ugly LookingV1 Comment
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