Top Ten Reasons Why the Original Spider-Man Is Better Than the Amazing Spider-Man

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21The new villains suck.

The new villains are terrible. The Lizard looks ugly and too human. Electro starts as a really corny nerd who loved Spiderman, he loved him so much that he even thought Spiderman baked him a cake, what? The he fell into a tub of electric eels and he still likes Spiderman. Then Spiderman cannot remember his name so now he hates him just because he cannot remember his name, what? And in the first place he loved him so, so, so much, and just why does he hate him now? Then there is Rhino who is not Rhino. He is not even close to the Rhino in the comics. He is not injected with super-soldier serum, he is just a man and he drives a giant two-legged robot with guns and missiles. So they basically got rid of him and reimagined him, like they did with the 1940's Flash who got his powers by in haling water vapour and wore a tin hat. But the worst villain is, the Green Goblin. He sucks. He is a teenager and he looks terrible. There is barley any green on his suit and he looks so ridiculously ...more

The Lizard is by far the worst developed villain ever put in a Spider-Man movie, he had absolutely no motivations whatsoever and comes up with 1 of the most idiotic plans ever put on film, turn all of New York into lizard creatures...WHERE DID THIS COME FROM!?! Seriously, he injects himself with the serum, becomes the lizard, GETS VOICES IN HIS HEAD JUST LIKE NORMAN OSBORNE! And randomly decides to turn everyone into lizards

Green Goblin in TASM 2 did absolutely nothing, all he did was pick up Gwen, fly around with her for a few seconds, drop her just so Peter could catch her, fought with Spider-Man for like a minute (his fighting seemed like the way a little kid would attack someone) got web wrapped around his neck, got choked and died

Yeah the new villains aren't that great - Rorywilbren

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22Uncle ben's death scene in the amazing spider-man was bad

I mean seriously, a guy who just robbed a store who you've never met before bumps into you and drops his gun and your first instinct is to try and take it? Like who's that f&$@ stupid? I don't care how good of a samaritan you are, that was a stupid idea, especially considering the fact that he wasn't even gonna try and shoot you anyway, he just dropped it and Ben for some reason was like "I should take it" God that scene was idiotic

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