Top Ten Reasons Why Pokémon Go Isn't that Fun Anymore

Pokémon Go was pretty fun at first, but now it's not that fun. Want reasons? Welp, here you go.

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1 Gym battles are almost impossible

Gym battles can be won if you are willing to exhaust your potions and let all your good Pokemon die as you slowly wear down the Gym's prestige. I like next to a gym- it's worth the sacrifice!

Yeah, I've kinda lost interest in the game. - Martinglez

My family and I took a gym a few nights ago. And my cousin has a strategy where she takes all of her friend from the same team and they all ifhgt the gym at the same time - AnonymousChick

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2 Bag gets full too easily V 1 Comment
3 It drains your battery

You need to turn off AR, enough said. - Croy987

Pokemon Go needs to Pokemon STOP.

4 If you don't go anywhere you only find Pidgeys and Rattatas
5 It drains your cellular data
6 People die while playing it or get seriously hurt

That's because they don't use common sense. It isn't the game's fault, it flat out says "Be Aware Of Your Surroundings" in the beginning of the game! - NikBrusk

A person got bit by a snake! A poisonous one! - TrueBlueHeroes

7 People fight over the teams

Sure, I'm a Team Valor member with a t shirt and phone case (don't ask) but I don't fight people. I just argue - TrueBlueHeroes

My teacher and her husband, my teacher and my riend are red, my other friend is blue.Me and my family are yellow yet we all get along. - AnonymousChick

8 Disturbing moments

Finding a dead body, getting robbed, and many more. - TrueBlueHeroes

9 People who don't play it see people playing Pokémon Go in their yards and they have no idea what's going on

So they think the person's a robber and shoot them. Lesson learned. - TrueBlueHeroes

10 They fixed the glitch where your Pokémon doesn't survive at 1 hp anymore

Best glitch and most useful glitch hands down. - TrueBlueHeroes

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11 It got extremely overrated V 1 Comment
12 When you get to higher levels you need insane amounts of Exp to level up
13 Pokeballs are almost impossible to obtain V 1 Comment
14 People find dead bodies
15 The gameplay is repetitive

I can't believe this wasn't on the list...

16 No more Legendary Pokemon
17 Only has gen 1 Pokemon

Other evolutions existed and why didn't they put it there?

18 Most of the gyms only have Dragonites, Snorlaxes, Laprases, Exeggutors and Arcanines
19 Most Pokemon, especially starters, take at least five great balls or an ultra ball to catch.

I used ten great balls on a charmander today. Finally caught him after depleting all my great balls.

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1. Gym battles are almost impossible
2. Bag gets full too easily
3. If you don't go anywhere you only find Pidgeys and Rattatas
1. Bag gets full too easily
2. It drains your battery
3. It drains your cellular data



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