Top Ten Reasons Why Pokemon Is a Good Show


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1It is adventurous

There are tons of reasons why this show is underrated. maybe I should make a list myself. And its repetitive, but not nearly as much as people tend to say. each series has the same gym and league endgame but a completely different story altogether. - HeavyDonkeyKong

2It has great artV1 Comment
3You can learn about Pokemon
4PikachuPikachu are a species of Pokémon, fictional creatures that appear in an assortment of video games, animated television shows and movies, trading card games, and comic books licensed by The Pokémon Company, a Japanese corporation.

He caused seizures so I am never trusting him or this SHOW ever again.

Gengar is WAY better in my opinion

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5It teaches kids about heroism
6It's not a baby show

Just watch the team flare arc. Its not finishe dye tin english yet, but in japanese its finished. Somebody actually DIES. Yes, that appens all the time on kids shows, but NOT on baby shows! - HeavyDonkeyKong

I like Pokemon little bit of SpongeBob but I do not like regulr show, adventure time.

7They evolve
8Team Rocket consists of great villains

If you mean by completely laughable, then yes. In no way were they ever great villains, they were just complete pushovers who literally couldn't do anything right.

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9MewtwoMewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.

Mewtwo never appeared on the anime, just the first movie, and "Mewtwo Strikes Back" - Goatworlds

Agreed. Mewtwo is my best, Period.

10It's one of the good series on Cartoon Network

Better than annoyingorane and adventuretimeand regular show (why is it called that)

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11It's great for ages 8 and up
12It teaches people to never give up

Pokemon can inspire kids and older people to follow their dreams

13James is hilarious

One episode I saw made me see James in a whole new light.

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14It was made in 1995 and it's still goodV2 Comments
15It's all about friendships between people and between people and Pokemon.V1 Comment
16LucarioLucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.
17Clemont's in it
18Certain moments can break your heart
20It doesn't have too much violenceV1 Comment
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1. It is adventurous
2. Mewtwo
3. They evolve
1. It has great art
2. It is adventurous
3. You can learn about Pokemon



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