Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music Is Awful

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41 The Background

The background does all the singing, while the vocals are less heard and are very useless. We want to hear more vocals!

It's called production. And it really depends, like in any genre, some songs are well produced, and some aren't.

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42 Songs are overplayed

Just because it overplayed, doesn't mean pop music is awful. If 1960 until 1980 rock music ia overplayed in radio, why you must become hater when pop music is overplayed in 2000 until now. - BeaM456

43 Most modern Pop songs have horrible melodies V 2 Comments
44 One-word song titles

So what? There are also good songs such as Lazarus by David Bowie, Blackstar also by David Bowie and Hurt by Christina Aguilera but also there is some good songs with multiple words such as Purple Rain by Prince, We Are The Champions by Queen, Ray of Light by Madonna, Billie Jean by Mcihael Jackson, etc. Methink song titles should be treated equally except bad ones methink. - ArigatoKawaii

Ok, so that horrid song called "what makes you beautiful" is really good? And "Starman" by David Bowie is rubbish? Seems a bit backwards to me.
(PS: I didn't spell the first song with capital letters because it doesn't deserve them.)

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1. Almost always about love
2. It's more famous
3. You hear it everywhere you go
1. "Singers" need AutoTune
2. No Instruments Are Played
3. No talent
1. Almost always about love
2. "Singers" need AutoTune
3. Modern popstars don't write any of their songs or play any instruments.



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