Top 10 Reasons Why Pop Music Is Awful

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41Most modern Pop songs have horrible melodiesV2 Comments
42One-word song titles

So what? There are also good songs such as Lazarus by David Bowie, Blackstar also by David Bowie and Hurt by Christina Aguilera but also there is some good songs with multiple words such as Purple Rain by Prince, We Are The Champions by Queen, Ray of Light by Madonna, Billie Jean by Mcihael Jackson, etc. Methink song titles should be treated equally except bad ones methink. - ArigatoKawaii

Ok, so that horrid song called "what makes you beautiful" is really good? And "Starman" by David Bowie is rubbish? Seems a bit backwards to me.
(PS: I didn't spell the first song with capital letters because it doesn't deserve them.)

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43Appeals to the General Audience

Ummm, why mainstream music is always compared with metal/rock? There are lots of music genres (jazz, reggae, classical, etc) Maybe people who hate mainstream music only listen to rock/metal? Why you don't compare mainstream music with jazz, reggae, classical, etc. I won't compare mainstream music with those genres either because I don't really listen to those genres, I'm just wondering if a fan of those genres also hates mainstream music or is it just rock/metal fans being mean to mainstream music?

How is this bad? I mean, it can go horribly wrong (looking at YOU, Meghan Trainor and 5 Seconds of Summer), but often, it just leads to a song being harmless and mediocre (such as Baby) rather than outright offensive. - WonkeyDude98

I do agree that when a song is overplayed, it becomes really annoying, but this is the same for every genre of music, not only pop. Pop music exists for a reason, it appeals to the mass audience and is relatable, although not to everyone. This is why it tends to be simple, but this is not always the case, there are many complex pop songs out there. People saying that metal or rock music is better, are very biased.

Metal often includes screaming and the cliché distorted guitars, quick drums/tempo, longer song duration, complex harmonics, which may be appealing to some people but to the general audience, sounds terrible and overdone, hence why I call people who state it is better, very hypocritical and biased. Rock on the other hand is very tied in with pop music, considering pop music is basically a watered down version of rock, and modern pop consisting of some electronic elements. Rock typically includes, repeated verses, hooks and the same set of instruments. Pop music tends ...more

Music is no longer art when you look to your fans for inspiration! I love artists who make art, not TRASH!

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44No poetry. Just no end to the yammering, wandering talk.

"No end to the yammering"

So, literally any non-instrumental ever. - WonkeyDude98

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1. Almost always about love
2. It's more famous
3. You hear it everywhere you go
1. "Singers" need AutoTune
2. No Instruments Are Played
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1. Almost always about love
2. "Singers" need AutoTune
3. Modern popstars don't write any of their songs or play any instruments.



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