Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Daisy Is Better Than Princess Peach

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21She can rival Sonic better
22She plays a better role in the Mario franchise

Peach is only an ugly damisel in distress, Daisy is an awesome sport competitor!

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23She has a better personality

LOL NOO! My gawd why would you think that? All her personality is is a childish poser.

24Peach is overrated

Everyone loves peach more just because Nintendo put her in so many games.

Believe it or not, it's actually the same person.

Lol OK you haters keep thinking that lol. This just proves that you guys are mad that daisy is just a lying poser.

25Daisy is useful in sports games

Maybe, but she's annoying and bratty as f, whether she wins or loses. She should be banned from sports for being a sore-loser AND a sore-winner.

26She's much more protective over herself

Right. And where are her gaurds. Or any weapon to protect herself? Oh wait, she never had any lol. Peach at least has toads around her at all times. How is having no one and nothing 'more protective over herself' lol!

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27She isn't as girly as Peach.
28She has a rusty hair color

She has a orangish brown hair
Her hair is Titian, a shade of red not brown, however she has some what of a brown hue today.

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