Top 10 Reasons Why Queen Elsa Is Better Than Princess Anna

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21Anna is a twit

Not both. At least Elsa's never ever even obnoxious nor insufferable nor a pain in the neck at all.

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22Anna's more confrontational
23Elsa's skin is fairer and brighter than Anna's skin

Elsa's more beautiful, prettier and lovelier than ever. She's mostly hotter than Anna.

24Anna is a loser

I wish Elsa was saved from living in the forced long time isolation.

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25Anna is a moron

That moronic moron really needs to control herself more if you ask me.

Proven when she can't control herself.

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26Anna is a dorkV2 Comments
27Anna is overrated too

I'm so irritated when she's the "true" heroine by the fan than Elsa who's better than Anna.

I'm so irritated when she's the "true" heroine by the fan than Elsa who's better than Anna.

Elsa needs more appearances, more scenes, more screen time and more bigger roles than ever.

Poor Elsa just had to have a shorter screen time.

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28Anna is careless

She wanted to MARRY a man she just met that same day! If that's not foolishness then I don't know what is. Also, Anna should pick more carefully and be grateful. Back in those days the parents and elders chose who you had to marry, so Anna's very lucky to choose who she wants to wed.

Any princesses and any other princesses will hate Anna for that.

She should think about work on being more careful.

29Elsa is more patient than Anna

Anna needs to be more patient too just because she's eager and optimistic.

30Elsa is graceful, poised, elegant and regal

Lady (Lady And The Tramp 1955) is graceful, proper, polite and ladylike too so she deserve to be Elsa's better best friend than Anna. If Elsa was raised in New Haven, Connecticut in United States of America, then Lady deserves to be Elsa's pet golden cocker spaniel and If Elsa was raised in France, Paris, then Duchess deserve to be Elsa's pet cat ever since both Lady (Lady And The Tramp 1955) and Duchess (Aristocats 1970) are equally both proper just like Elsa.

Anna is rigid, stiff and inflexible. It's all the stupid directors' fault for wanting Anna to be stubborn, reckless and disgusting princess. Disney Studios, making Anna sleeping in drool really disgusts us. That's the most disgusting choice you've ever even made in Frozen so far.

That ridiculous, ugly Anna was unfortunately born a princess too. She should've been born a non royal back then if you ask me.

Elsa is graceful, proper, poised, elegant and regal.

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31Elsa is hotter than Anna

Huge Elsa fans/lovers/worshippers: Oh my God! It's Elsa! You're my favorite! Hi! Sign my forehead! Your performance was spot on! What is it like being Queen? You're my spirit animal! Elsa, we love you! Elsa, you're the best! Oh my God! I sing 'Let It Go! All the time! Your voice is so amazing!

Elsa is prim, graceful, poised, elegant, regal. Elsa has more makeup. Elsa's dresses are equally pretty.

Elsa is graceful, poised, elegant and regal. Elsa has more makeup. Elsa's dresses are equally pretty.

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32Anna deserves to be shut out anyway.
33Anna deserves to suffer abuse, neglect, isolation, loneliness, not ElsaV1 Comment
34Anna deserves to be trapped inside of the kingdom of Arendelle because she chose to wake up in the middle of the night
35Anna's nothing but a spare

"Do you wanna build a snowman"
How the hell does it take THIRTEEN YEARS for Elsa to try controlling her powers!?
I realised Anna was at fault in the first place for pestering Elsa and causing herself to make Elsa shut her out, but it doesn't make sense for their parents to keep Anna in the castle for so long (although their parents saw it as Elsa's fault).

Man, the idea portrayal of Anna and Elsa as sisters was the worst idea ever so far if you ask me.

She should've been portrayed as a peasant girl back then

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36Anna deserves to lose her one and only big sister/ best friend forever
37Anna's a brat

Strife at Elsa's coronation day was really upsetting to watch after all because Anna was obnoxious, insensitive, domineering, forceful and pushy.

Go screw yourselves, you Elsa-hating liars! It wasn't her fault that she froze her country. All Anna does is act like a spoiled brat.

She harrassents the poor Elsa and Anna is named "first protagonist" of the movie than Elsa, Elsa who deserved better than Anna

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38Elsa's not a brat

At least Elsa knows she can't always get everything nor everything else in her way all the time. She's willing to deal with unwanted and unlikable changes better than that ridiculous Anna.

Go screw yourselves, you Elsa-hating liars! It wasn't her fault that she froze her country. All Anna does is act like a spoiled brat.

Neither Elsa nor Elphaba ever even deserve to put up with those stupid boneheads Anna and Glinda.

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39Anna is useless

Anna does not even have any Super Powers. How useful can she be?

You don't need super powers to be cool.Elsa is very good character but what her powers brought to her?
She was called Monster and they tried to kill her.She didn't even know how to control it and it made her that dangerous.Imagine what would happen if she never came back to Arendelle and unfreeze it.People would die from coldness.And who came for Elsa? ANNA. Who helped Elsa to find out how to control her powers? ANNA. - rockishlittlegirl

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40Elsa can self control so she knows how to control herself.

 Anna over reacts like a maniac all because she can't self control at all.

It's such a shame Anna is nothing but a wild, uncontrollable, out of control disgusting animal who overreacts like a maniac and never ever even has any nor any other self control.

She could've told Elsa how she really feel in a positive, respectful, calm way instead of acting up towards her in a in ungrateful way right in front of all these guests.

Poor Elsa. Ugh. I can't stand Anna at all.

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