Top Ten Reasons Why Rap Is Cool

Yo, dawg, it's the ass man 'ear dawg, & today, I gonna prove all y'all rap haterz Wong!

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1It is powerful

It expresses violence and talks about the great things like corruption and homo rights. It questions our existence and wether or not life has meaning. It helps us through life, dawg, and the hard times! It tells fantastical stories like the Bible, the Harry Potter novel books, Lord of Rings, and Game of Thrones, but in a rapping way!

2The rappers got that money

Why the heck would that matter? - Ajkloth

They got sick dough!

3It is a science

Please. Just because it talks about something in science does not make it a science. For crying out loud, it's a genre of music, not a college degree. Besides, all it is is drugs and sex.

A few rap songs talk about the creation of the universe and the positron! Bill Nye should have a rap!

4Cool kids listen to it

And just who are these cool kids? Does listening to music about raping people make someone cool?

Studies show it is the favorite music of convicted felons in federal prisons, now that is cool.

Actually, kids listen to rap musics because they think it's cool. - Delgia2k

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5It talks about girls
6It talks about drugs
7Enimen is a rap god

Even the rap haters think he good.

8It talks about butts

And this is a good thing because?

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9It's got a wicked sick beat

Yeah, dawg! It make me wanna dance and make me feel like I'm ghetto and in a gang, dawg!

10Rap people dress cool

Pants on the ground, pants on the ground.

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