Top 10 Reasons Why Rap Music Should Stay

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1It helps us understand how life is hard

I don't need songs to tell me how hard life is.

2It helps you express yourself

Rap is a form of self-expression which is fundamentally similar to poetry. You wouldn't guess that listening to Anaconda or any other C.Rap, but the origins and roots of rap mean that it should stay, and should not be given up on, even if the days of Tupac, Biggie and overall GOOD music are long gone and can only be relived through listening to their music.

3It's like other genres
4It helps you focus
5It has good songs
6It helps you write better
7It makes you smarter
8It's not just about killing
9It's just not talking about getting pregnant at a young age
10It can give us ideas

It has helped us create Nu Metal and has paved way for a lot of bands. For better (Korn) or for worse (Limp Bizkit).

Some of the best Nu Metal bands I can think of are Korn, Slipknot, Disturbed, Evanescence, Papa Roach, Linkin Park (in the early 2000's), Demon Hunter, and Dope.

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11It can be educational
12It can teach us what life is like in the ghetto
13It can encourage us to never join gangs and to never do crimes
14It can be inspirational
15It can teach political lessons
16Rap is more than just gang related topics
17Rap is not for everyone

This is what Prodigy said. Rap is not for everyone because nowadays more and more people are trying to imitate rappers. Seeing how tough and badass they can be.

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