Reasons Why Roblox Isn't Fun Anymore

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1The community

Back in the good old days the community was great now its filled with the following

Not to mention guests, other noobs, haters, dumb people, scammers, and rulebreakers

2Builders Club

Extremely necessary membership benefits ruin games.

Ugh, now tix is removed. Builders club makes it harder because you need to beg your parents to break out their wallets, not that I do that

Why does it have to be so ' expensive?!
Roblox has turned money hungry

3If you use free models you're apparently a idiot

I just use free models for videos - spodermanfan1000

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To the guy who said he was a hacker and has seen that video called "LEAVE JARED" Dude... what in the world is with the capitalized letter in every word you write? I agree what you said about Jared, but your post looks a bit weird with the capitalized letter in every word you even write. Don't worry, the caps lock is not that necessary. but I'm not forcing you, it's your life.

Oh Jesus He's A Total Hacker I've Seen The Video Called "LEAVE JARED ALONE" Which He Is A Fat Kid Eating Chips On The Bed

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One of my favorite games was deleted and replaced

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They ask people to copy and paste some bull**** comment on 5 games for free robux. It was legit from Roblox and not any scam site, so I tried it but nothing happened. I wonder what they really wanted - Mcgillacuddy

They say "get free ropoop! It's easy! " You end up getting your account stolen and you didn't earn a single ropoop. WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS BEFORE ROBLOX GETS DESTROYED

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7Admins ban you for the dumbest reasons sometimes

I'm neve got banned or gotten a warning

On time an admin banned me over my skin.


Every time you log into a city role-play game somebody says
123 to be my girlfriend/boyfriend

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Guests are so dumb! Most guests are noobs and break rules for no reason. They annoy me so much and you can't talk to them to give them a Piece of your mind! They can't get reported either...

They are so annoying!
They log into your game and break the rules (if you even have rules)

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10People use "noob" as a insult

Noob does not mean what they look like. It's what they act like that makes them a noob

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11Kids rage at you for killing them

I am a kid but I don't rage I just quit the game and I do NOT ragequited

12Repetitive games

Games now are just cliche while in the past basically had games based on the users imagination while most games now are just a copy of a cliche concept of something more frequent than ever such an a example: Murder (genre), Steam knock offs, etc.

One thing was called "call of robloxia" which is exactly like call of duty!


Robux is pretty much the main problem. As with insane prices, robux can only be acquired with real money! And it's expensive! Tix was removed, which made a bigger problem!

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14Safe chat

It just replaces not only bad words, but everything with hashtags!

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Exactly. People will report someone while the roblox staff just sits in a chair eating doritos. - aarond9010

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16It causes computer viruses

There are a ton of spammers. One person got ten viruses on his computer when someone said it could change the cursor on his computer. His cursor didn't change a bit

17Limited Edition Items

They give you these cool items that you can only get for a limited time at a ridiculous price. Sometimes they're free, what about the new players? They can't get them! They have to look lame!


We can't forget the bullies. They're the ones who mainly ruin ROBLOX.

19Removing tix

While having tix removed does limit the freedom of users to a great extent, the troublesome hyperinflation of Roblox's economy was eliminated. Like it or not, the world we live in - runs on money, not benevolence.
However, targeting on young children to "grab" cash out of their small pockets is rather exploitative in its imagery.

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20Unsafe for your computer
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