Top 10 Reasons Why Skillet Are Better Than Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj

I am so sick and tired of the media saying that Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj are good role models for the youth of America. I mean, Bieber got arrested multiple times and committed crimes And all Minaj talks about in her songs is sex, booty, and twerking. Those are things kids should not know! KIDS SHOULD LISTEN TO SKILLET! They are perfect role models for your kids. They have positive messages in their songs like saving people's lives and not letting bad people put you down.

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1They're Better Role Models

I'm 12 and I think Skillet are great role models. Besides what 12 year old in their right mind would want to be like Nicki Minaj?

Nicki Minaj is NOT a children's role model. And I'm not closed minded.

2They're Christian

Just because Minaj is a Christian doesn't mean she's a good role model for kids. She's talks a lot about sex and making it rain in her songs. The reason Skillet are more better Role models for your kids is because they talk about saving the world, being yourself, and loving people. Especially your enemies.
They don't have cussing, sex, partying, or bloody violence in their songs. They're very appropriate for your kids.

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3Their Songs have Very Positive Messages
4They Have Better Lyrics
5They Write Their Own Music
6They're Appropriate for your Kids
7They Don't Twerk In Thongs
8They Don't Spit On Their Fans
9Jen Ledger Is Way Hotter Than Nicki Minaj

At least she doesn't have implants like Minaj. I would never want a woman with implants.

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10Seth Morrison Is Better Looking Than Justin Bieber

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11They Have Dignity
12John Cooper is a Better Singer
13They Have Way More Talent
14One of their songs is better than Anaconda
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