Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic 06 is Better Than Sonic Adventure 2

Sonic 06 is the best Sonic game ever, while Adventure 2 is the worst! And here's some reasons why 06 is better than Adventure 2

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1Better voice acting

Sorry if I sounded like a jerk on here. I was angry about something. - SonicFan4Life

2Better graphics
3Tails isn't in a mech
4Silver debuted in 06
5More funV1 Comment
6Better story
7Adventure 2 doesn't have hub-worlds
9More playable characters
10Shadow's way cooler

I loved how heroic he was. I thought his story in 06 was the perfect direction to take his character after Shadow the Hedgehog. I also think his story was the best out of the three. His quote at the end though, just awesome. - eventer51314

The Contenders

11'06 sold more copies

By the way, I'm not attacking you, just because I've attacked your list. Don't take it so personally. Yeesh.

Sure. If this is true, it only sold more copies because it was massively hyped. Sonic 06 is infamous for being the worst Sonic game ever (barring RoL) and one of the worst video games created. Period. SA2 is infinitely better than 06. SA2 is a classic, in spite of its flaws, 06 is not. Sonic 06 will never measure up to Sonic Adventure 2. This list is bull crap.

SA2 is to a classic. You can't deny it.
And no, I'm not going to 'shut the hell up'. Freedom of speech, bucko. I don't need to be told this is your opinion. Duh! You aren't the only one who can state their opinion.

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