Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric Is Average

I really got to make a review on YouTube of this game

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1The gameplay

Sure the combat is bad but I like the gameplay. - Chaotixhero

Oh look we have a whiny sonic fanboy sonic boom SUCKS

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2The music

There are a few tracks like but overall, the music is not sonic. - Chaotixhero


IGN say that Sonic Free Riders is okay and say that Sonic & the secret rings is okay but not they are saying Sonic Boom is bad? IGN sucks now - Chaotixhero

Here's why IGN sucks. They gave Princess Peach an 8, Princess Daisy a 4 (and reviewed her poorly), Rosalina a 7 and Super Mario 64 a 9.8 (it deserves much better).

4The story

The story is pretty good. I don't know why people hate it - Chaotixhero

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5The voice acting

The voice acting is AMAZING. A sonic game that have great voice acting is shocking - Chaotixhero

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6The graphics

Look, the graphics do not look like a PS2 game. It looks like a ps3 game. If you wanna look at a PS2 game, then look at Sonic Heroes or Spyro - Chaotixhero

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7The character design

I like sonic's but not Knuckles. Knuckles look terrible - Chaotixhero

I wish Knuckles had that design forever.

I also wish that Sonic the Hedgehog would get more yakked out into an even more lanky beanstalk at 8'3" in height & at the same width he has in Mario & Sonic/Super Smash Bros. series.

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8The 3DS version is better than the Wii U version

I think they both tie. But seriously? An Archie Comics in the 3DS version? Why no Pac-Man Archie Comics, Ian Flynn & Evan Stanley?

I think the Wii U version is better. - Chaotixhero

9The CGI
10Tails playing the drums

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11Knuckles the Echidna

Don't get me wrong about this. Knuckles is SO dumb in Sonic Boom series. He doesn't know what's left or right, he doesn't know how to read. All he does is punch and does the infinite jump glitch. All he knows is whats 10 + 9 is. He was a Gaurdian of the Master Emerald and now Sega doesn't make him guard it anymore or does he forget now? He is really forgettable Echidna here. - bugger

Sonic: Knuckles, Amy, you go left! Tails and I'll go right!
Knuckles: :checks to see what direction's left: Got it!

12The Characters
13Amy Rose

She think she better than everyone

14Knuckles can play the piano
15The difficulty
16It's better than Modern Sonic
17The extensive voice acting
18It's good for a Modern Sonic game
19It's a Sonic game
20It's better than Modern Sonic but not as good as Classic Sonic

So you're saying that it's better than Sonic Adventure/ SonicAdventure ahs good elvel design, great controls, awesome graphics for it's time! And great music, and great playability! Een if it is bad(which I honestly don't think that it is! ), it is still bette rbecause its way more playable in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

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