Top Ten Reasons Why Sonic Rivals Is Bad


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1The plot is silly

At least we don't have (Modern) Amy Rose! Knuckles and the main male hedgehogs are far superior/more underrated characters because they are way more deft at their special abilities.

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2The bosses are boring

All sonic bosses are for that matter - levtomas1998

3Everybody plays the same

I agree on that, even though I feel that some are a bit slower than others - levtomas1998

The only difference is their special moves but other than that, everybpdy is the same. - Chaotixhero

4It's on PSP

The psp? Of all consoles they choice the psp. The psp sucks by the way. - Chaotixhero

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5I can't play Metal Sonic

Is SEGA rushed again?! Because Metal Sonic is cool!

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6It only has 4 characters

Four character? Not Espio or Rouge or better yet bring Mighty back. I wanna play more than four characters! - Chaotixhero

7Trial and Error levels

The game is fast but the levels ain't build for them. Seriously? - Chaotixhero

The game isn't fast, but your reflexes are too slow - levtomas1998

8No Stardust Speedway Zone

The non-default remix song of stardust Speedway in Sonic Generations is awesome! Too bad it was not conceived back then.

9Eggman Nega is a terrible villian

That's just how YOU found him, levtomas1998. But Dr. Engman Nega is a very big ripoff of Dry Bowser, and he is too bland.

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10The sequel is better

For me it's a tie
1: more challenging, sequel is way too easy and the card collecting system is better
2: more characters, battle levels - levtomas1998

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11Horrid voice acting

Sonic sounds the worst. He sounds like a surly black girl. Get it, Chaotixhero?

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