Top Ten Reasons Why Sony PlayStation Is Better Than Microsoft Xbox


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1PlayStation has better consoles

It's better I played all of them
Microsoft is good and so is PlayStation in my opinion PlayStation is better

We should really be talking about how suck Nintendo is - speed

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2PlayStation 4 vs. Xbox One

So, a fight between PS4 and XB1 is the reason PS4 is better? That's a retarded reason.

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3PlayStation 3 vs. Xbox 360V1 Comment
4PlayStation consoles do not get heated up

Any console can get heated up if you play it too long. The white Xbox 360, sure. But The black one, no.

Any console will heat up if played long enough, and I've never had trouble with my Xbox. - Skullkid755

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5PlayStation has a blue ray disc

Whenever I point this out to people, this just tell me it's "irrelevant." - IronSabbathPriest

So what?! Video game consoles are for games anyways, not movies! And you could always use Netflix or YouTube on Xbox.

Blue ray makes ps good because no one wants to waste money buying a dvd player - speed

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6Xbox copies PlayStation

Price of something doesn't determine the quality.

How? They're called Multiplatform games, not ripoffs. Multiplatform games are games that are released on multiple systems, not just one.

Well not excactly. Activision selles call of duty games to both of them, for example. The only games that are exlusives on playstation4 are those who they maded themselves. - DarkXide99

7PlayStation is older than Xbox

Nintendo is older than PlayStation!

PlayStation has better franchises.

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8PlayStation is cheaper than Xbox

PlayStation Quality is better. Many of the Xbox 360 after release is broken. Xbox one has lower specs

Price doesn't determine the quality.

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9Playstation 4 Controller is Awesome

Na... Not really... Like the touch screen is not really used for touch, more for a main button. And the "share" button is pretty useless if you're not one of those who share every time they play. - DarkXide99

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10Xbox controllers are complicated

There both the same just one with letters one with shapes - speed

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11PlayStation has more iconic games

I agree with this. But I still prefer Microsoft, cause, Xbox 360 made me a hardcore gamer and I just love windows 10. - Skullkid755

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12Ratchet And Clank
13Xbox is more aimed for mature players while PlayStation is aimed for everyone
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