Top Ten Reasons Why Super Mario 64 Is the Most Overrated Mario Game

I like this game, but this game does have some problems in my opinion!

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1The Levels Get Less Interesting As the Game Goes On

I love this game, but you have a point here! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Yeah, there are some reusing of themes, but Tick Tock Clock and Tiny Huge Island are conpletely original. - M4j0r45

I don't really play Mario a lot I just have suoer Mario bros and the iriginal Mario cart for the plane old normal wii - Batmaniscole

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2The Game Controls Like a Tank
3The Music Is Bad

I like the Bowser level music, and I like the other music, but I think that the only music that has aged all that well is the Bowser level music!

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4The DS Port Has Awkward Controls
5Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Again

Bowser does also try to take over mushroom Castle... but still... I don't know... honestly...

6The Voice Acting Is Terrible

Princess Peaches voice lacked emotion to me, and Bowser's voice sounded weird to me.

Yeah, but their voices weren't incredibly bad. I have mixed feelings about peach's voice in this game, but Bowser's voice is at least better than his voice in Super Mario Sunshine. This is only my opinion. - HeavyDonkeyKong

7The Camera System is flawed
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