Reasons Why Super Mario Bros Is the Worst Game Ever


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1Bad Graphics

It came out in 1985 the technology was different and older

So? Just Because This Game Has 8-Bit Graphics Doesn't Mean Those Graphics Are Bad!

Bad Graphics May Be Enough To Make You Hate This Game, But It Won't Be Enough To Make Me Hate This Game.

What A Crappy List - VideoGamefan5

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2No Online Play

I know this is a troll list, but I do think that Nintendo needs to implement in more online features for their games.

May I remind you that this was released in 1985 & that Online Play wasn't invented yet? I would like to do that & show you a list of why Super Mario Bros. Is not the worst game ever. It's my favorite video game. It's an amazing game. It's one of the best NES games ever.

Does Every Game Need Online Play? Because To Me It Really Doesn't Matter.

It Was In 1985, There Wasn't Online On Gaming Systems - VideoGamefan5

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3It's Not In 3D

There are at least 5 different 3D games. Maybe you should consider getting a Nintendo system more advanced than a typewriter.

I just cannot believe how dumb and stupid KoolGuy is. SMB was made in 1985,and tech was not as advanced like now! Go play Call of Duty, Kid.

Every game is in 3D... Oh wait. Not this one. Why can I only go left and right? Why can't I go backwards? Was this game on a budget?! - KoolGuy2218

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4It's for Kids

You are a troll mate. Without Mario there would be on Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto. Did I mention they are overrated as heck?

You are wrong sir. First of all, the gaming industry would do just fine without Mario. Second, Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto are NOT overrated. So there. - KoolGuy2218

It is not even for little kids, It for everyone with 7 years older and up! I love Super Mario Bros. I hope a game will be in PlayStation4

How the hell does this make it bad

Granted, kids are young, they don't know better. But some do know better, as they play real games, like Grand Theft Auto, Call of Duty... Anything except this - KoolGuy2218

I play games rated for kids like little big planet which is way more fun than both of those games - samanime

5Bad Audio

Then don't play the first few games. Some of the soundtracks of newer games are amazing. Scratch that, most of them.

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6It Doesn't Save Your Games

Yes it does! Each time you played a stage in Super Mario 3D World, it saves automatically, play more Mario games before you make false assumptions about something. - PrincessKiana

WOW, that's because it would be too easy otherwise.

Who has that much time on they're hands?! You have to play it all in one sitting. And if you lose, you gotta go back to the beginning. Thanks, but I have better things to do - KoolGuy2218

7Only Two Players at a Time
8Mario Is Gay

Eh, this troll isn't worth my time, so I'm not gonna bother. If I learnt anything from troll lists, you just ignore them. - smrpg1996

What the hell, Mario isn't even gay, no one is gay. Not Even Wario

Guys don't even waste your time with this list. - DCfnaf

No Call Of Duty Is Gay, Rosalina Is Lesbian - VideoGamefan5

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9Bad Storyline

It was made in 1985.Storylines were not created in Videogames then. - Lord28

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10No Blood or Violence

Oh I Get It! Everything Always Has To Be About Blood And Violence To You. Um... Wow! Sucks To Be You. And As To Me It Really Doesn't Matter If Any Game Has Those Or Not.

And if there was violence, it wouldn't be popular.

Um, really it has violence not that much, its Mario could get killed or Mario killing koopas or other enemies

How do you expect to keep someone entertained without VIOLENCE? There's a reason why the most popular games have blood - KoolGuy2218

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11It's Boring

Well If This Game Is So Boring Then How Come It Already Has Over 100 Million Copies?

So You're Telling This To One Of The Greatest Video Games Of All Time? WOW! Just... WOW!

Oh No! I Sense A Retarded Call of Duty Fanboy.

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12Stiff Controls
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