Top 10 Reasons Why Super Smash Bros for Wii U and 3ds Is Overrated


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21The Game Doesn't Take Place in Greater VancouverV1 Comment
23Princess Daisy Not in the 3DS Version
24No Other Non-Nintendo Characters as Playable Characters
25Difficult Challenges

The challenges were just too difficult. Not all of them, but some of them were just impossuble for me, so I can't get everything in the game. Thanks Nintendo.

26It Needs More Cave Story

You complain about Pac-Man and Megaman and then say it needs more Cave Story and Eggman and K Rool Weren't added? I don't think that Eggman would have been much different from Bowser Jr. And The Koopalings in how they play in the clown car, and how would K Rool even work as a character and what new moves could he possibly bring? Crown throw would be like Toon Link's boomerang, cannonball would be a standard charge move. Really, what would he even do that hasn't already been done?

27Diddy Kong Is Unrealistically OP
28Bad Controls

Way too much rolling and dodging this game is a joke for baddies who can't play games that require actual skill

29The ControlsV1 Comment
31Little Mac

I don't think SSB4 is overrated but I think Little Mac is and I hate him.

V1 Comment
32Princess Peach Instead of Princess Daisy

Well EXCUSE ME... Whoever you are, but they are both the same characters other than daisy has brown hair instead of blond. Don't get me wrong, because peach is a very dumb character, but I don't think the programers are going to make a different move set for daisy. And no offense, but that reason is one of the worst complaints I have ever heard, but it's still better than a rock, and that's better than peach

Why isn't Princess daisy playable in the 3DS version of SSB4?!

Also, this reason must be top 1.

Princess Daisy is awesome and kicks more butt than Peach!
You guys are taking her as the spare!
Well, she's more than just the spare!

Princess Daisy should replace Princess Peach. Seriously, a Daisy palette swap again? I know that happened, and it is unfair!

Peach should be replaced by Daisy and Amy rose from Sonic.

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