Top Ten Reasons Why the Super Smash Bros. Franchise Is Better Than the Mario Franchise

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1Better Games

They're all better than every Mario game. I enjoy Smash Bros. way more. - Metts

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2Better GraphicsV1 Comment
3More Characters

More characters outside of Mario and even a few outside of Nintendo. - Metts

4Better StoryV2 Comments
5The Games Can Last Longer

Well guesss what Mario gets like 5 games efery year smash bros gets it beacause sakurai needs a break

6More Things in itV1 Comment
7Better Music

It's a lot better than Mario music. - Metts

8Less Annoying Voices

Princess Peach is annoying but the other characters are not! - Danteem

9Better Controls

The controls are nice and simple! Not too hard! - Danteem

10Luigi is Better

No Mario is 100 times better then luigi

He's stronger in Smash Bros. than he's normally is in Mario and all characters are stronger in Smash. - Metts

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11You can't punch or kick in the Mario Games

You can a little bit but if you can fight like that in Super Mario Galaxy than the game would be much easier. - Metts

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