Top Ten Reasons Why Super Smash Bros. Is Becoming Less Interesting

Don't get me wrong, I like Super Smash bros

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1Too Much Fan Service

I don't mind when a gaming company listen to fans but this is going over it. Who thought it was a good idea to add Ryu as DLC? That so stupid! - Chaotixhero

Replace Ryu with Bayonetta and you'll know how I feel.

2Too Many Clones
3Uninteresting Stage BuilderV1 Comment
4Solid Snake In Brawl

He was way too out of place in Brawl. It would have been better if he was not in smash at all. - Chaotixhero

5No Interesting Additions

All that stuff they shown in smash 4 was awesome but when you stop and think about it, it's just nothing but new levels, music, stage interactions, and new modes. They could have gave us...i don't know something exciding - Chaotixhero

6Weak Intros
7Bayonetta in 3DS/Wii U

See "Solid Snake In Brawl". Don;t care that this was the result of a poll, that just proves that Nintenedo really shouldn't have done a poll at all (not to mention she was merely "in the top five", she didn't actually win at all).

8For Glory Is Pretty BadV1 Comment
9Adding Ryu As DLC

Ryu from Street Fighter? Are you kidding me? That's the most stupidest choice I have ever seen! Who thought that was a good idea? - Chaotixhero

10Great Music... for a While

Now before you grab you pitchforks, I love Super Smash Bros' music even though most of them are remixes from other franchises (except for Sonic). While they are good, they can get a little...tiring after a while. - Chaotixhero

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11Removal of Pichu

That's because I hate Pichu in the Smash series because he hurts himself. - bugger

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1. Too Much Fan Service
2. Bayonetta in 3DS/Wii U
3. Solid Snake In Brawl
1. Too Much Fan Service
2. Uninteresting Stage Builder
3. Solid Snake In Brawl
1. Too Much Fan Service
2. Too Many Clones
3. Uninteresting Stage Builder



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