Reasons Why Super Smash Brothers Wii U Is Better Than Super Smash Brothers 3DS

The only thing better about the 3DS version is Smash Run.

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18 Player Smash

Thumbs Up if you knew this would be number one! - Danteem

2Stage Builder

Stage Builder is very fun! You can create a world! You can put your own music in it! Great idea! - Danteem

3Better Graphics

Better graphics than Brawl! Best graphics ever! Whoever thinks Brawl has better graphics is retarded and an a$$hole!

The 3DS is 128 bit and Wii U is 512 bit. It's way better. Brawl is in between both games. - Danteem

4Special Smash

I'm gonna try this! Make Mortal Kombat Miis and challenge them in Stamina Smash! - Danteem

5Can Use a GameCube Controller

The GameCube Controller Adapter was a great idea. It will probably work on Brawl. - Danteem

6More Ways to Play
7More Music

The 3DS version did not have Brawl music and the Wii U version did. Brawl have one of my favorite Smash Brothers song. The Menu song. I will change the music to my favorite music after I get everyone. - Danteem

8Can Play a Few Retro Games

It had Super Mario Kart. I tried it and I didn't like it because I can only play as Mario but this is still such a great idea. It was better than Brawl's idea of playing Retro games. - Danteem

Danteem: A Message to TristGamer I hated most retro games because their hard to control but I put this there because some gamers like them.

9Better Sound
10Better Stages

I like the stages better in the Wii U version because their cooler and more fun to play on. - Danteem

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