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21Better boss battles

Just because its in 3D doesn't mean its way better. And wall of flesh actually takes strategy, like if you do not prepare for the wall of flesh by bringing health potions and clearing a big path, you will die instantaneously.

Sounds arnet better in boss battles in Minecraft terraria even has its own bos music Minecraft is just boring piano

Minecrafts boss battles are great ideas the only problem is that THE BOSS FIGHT SUCKS. The ender dragon is not hard or fun at all all you do is wait for it to come and spam click it that's it it's like a game of spamming a button -_-. Now Terraria boss fights are also great ideas but the boss fights ARE ACTUALLY FUN even the 1st boss fight is more fun the Minecrafts bosses COMBINED now hate Minecraft fans.

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22It's going to be part of a trilogy with Terraria Otherworld and Terraria 2

What would be cool is if they had after moon lord is defeated a portal opens and you go to different world and u can go back and forth and the cycle starts again with a ton more items

23There's always something to do

There are always huge updates which contain new bosses and stronger weapons. Minecraft adds new blocks. Minecraft needs mods to be good.

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24Cooler 'creepers'

You may not remember these - the things that fly around the brain of Cthulhu? They are actually creepy and don't make you rage when on Minecraft the creepers just look plain weird and just ruin your house, and you life

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25It's 2-D

I get motion sick from Minecraft

So for all the triggered peeps, you saying sonic 06 is better than sonic 1? NO

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26Retro Graphics Styling

Playing Terraria makes you feel like you're playing a classic retro video game, even thought it's modern and is always adding new features and updates

To the comment below:
My dad (who was born in the 1960's) said that Terraria looked like a game from the 80's.
Just some cool info I thought I'd share...

It also helps desingers to put in more detail and not a square eye of cthulu that won't be an eye

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27Actually organized servers

I joined a server and they kicked me because they didint like that I got more stuff so they kicked me and in terraria when no one asks for stuff I give them not hey give me that

No trolls. No griefers. No idiots trying to deafen you via mic. No children who beg for items and higher ranks. No children who accuse you of being a "n00b" or "[email protected]" after winning a fight. No hackers in every nook and cranny. No annoying players who spawn millions of monsters inside your base. No traps everywhere. Need I say more?

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28More fun

Terraria makes me get imaginative, creative and violent. Those always make me act like an idiot and it is always funny! Terraria for the win!

Terraria: Awesome Single player,Great mods(Terraria mods are like a free dlc) Good multiplayer has spleef, has mount races,and more Nice people (Minecraft has 5 year olds who call you a hacker for killing them).

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29Awesome bosses

The Wither would stand no chance against The destroyer. He would just get ripped apart in like, two seconds

Less he wouldn't even want to spawn haha

Bosses like WoF and the moon lord (and like 15 more) obviously beat The Ender dragon Wither, and The elder gaurdian.

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30It's cheaper

Minecraft costs 29.99$ whereas Terraria costs 5.99$

Especially on steam when there is a sale

Yes and terraria you get your moneys worth big time

Its cheaper because its horrible

31More fantasy based

Yeah! Kids are loosing out on not being more connected with fantasy and sci fi!

32Way more pets

You can get a lot of pets I got a elf a mini skeleton head and a cupid

Minecraft u get a wolf but u can't call it back if its annoying you

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33Better mechanics

Even though Minecraft has got command blocks (which takes forever to learn how to use). Terraria's mechanics are simple I have made myself a mechanism which teleports me away from boss' attacks.

Its awesome with mechs seriosly statues that spawn items/enemies
Does Minecraft have that in survival nope so they're a dope

34Terraria has music and sounds for each biome

Every biome has a unique tune Minecraft doesn't have that

35NPCs that actually do useful things

Npc's in Minecraft: hey give me a rare gem and I will give you a piece of leather.
they also do not speak and there is no big loss if they die. (they also look alike)

Npc's in terraria: can speak, all look different, losing them give you a temporary disadvantage as you lose their service, tons of health, can defend themselves, have personalities, respawn, have to be unlocked, gives you items that are ACTUALLY USEFUL AND ACTUALLY WORK. some require it to be a certain time of the year. give you a fair amount of money if you sell things to them.

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36Better Grinding

Minecraft "ya a lava pool to kill green explosive hacked pigs". Terraria "10 volcano traps ready to go :D". You see what I mean people! Terraria for the win! 11

37More of a challenge

The only challenge in Minecraft is to not get blown up by a walking penis

Minecraft has no real challenge, since terraria has a challenge it just makes the game more fun

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38Easy to Navigate

I agree! I lost my house so many times on Minecraft but on terraria I never lost it

Minecraft is supposedly 'infinite' (which it isn't just HUGE), and being 3d makes it almost impossible to navigate and safely get home without being killed or lost. On Terraria you only have to worry about how far your house is and how deep you are!

I hate it when you lose a house in Minecraft

Lol if you lost in terraria then you r a noob just use magic mirror

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39The Ores and Armor

MC no mods ore= BARELY Terraria no mods= A TON; kill WOF, 4+ more ores! Minecraft has crappy armor while terraria has more than 10 sets of armor!

40No Perverted Kids

People in mincrap just twerk in your face and the spam the chat with this: (farts) lol

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