Top 10 Reasons Why Tim Burton Made Better Batman Movies Than Christopher Nolan

I like Tim Burton's Batman better than Christopher Nolan's. I do like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight but I don't like The Dark Knight Rises. Here's why.

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1Better Stories

I hope you realise that Tim Burton only directed Batman and Batman Returns. Batman Forever and Batman and Robin were directed by Joel Schumacher. - Brobusky

The Dark Knight is better than both of Burton's films. However, Burton's two films are better than Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises in my opinion. - BeatlesFan1964

None of the batman movies or any other superheroes movies are close to the dark knight - zxm

The stories are way better in Batman to Batman and Robin than Batman Begins - Dark Knight Rises. - Mettsbackup

2Better Plot

I think that the plot is made better. I really like the Dark Knight plot about the Joker and Heath Ledger playing as him. - Mettsbackup

Nah, chris bolan's movies had better plots, better stories, better everything. Though I'll admit,
Michael Keaton had a better batman voice, and there was a better bat mobile. - Therandom

3Two-Face is Not as Scary Looking

Sorry, but Tommy Lee Jones Two-Face was just stupid and looked like he had makeup on (which he did) - Brobusky

I like Tommy Lee Jones better than Aaron Eckhart because he's not as creepy looking but Aaron Eckhart looks more realistic. - Mettsbackup

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4More Villains

It got Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Catwoman, Penguin, Bane, Poison Ivy, and Freeze while the other has like two less villains than that. - Mettsbackup

But the villains weren't as good. - Therandom

Sometimes more isn't always better...

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5More Interesting

Oh yeah, that toy commercial they call 'Batman and Robin' was WAY more interesting than one of the greatest comic book movies of all time. (The Dark Knight) - Brobusky

The story seems to be more interesting in Batman - Batman and Robin. - Mettsbackup

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6More Entertaining

I enjoy the first four Batman movies than the Dark Knight trilogy. - Mettsbackup

7Better Batsuits

As long as doesn't have bat-nipples then I can enjoy the costume designs

I like the Batsuits a lot better in the first four batman movies than the Dark Knight trilogy. - Mettsbackup

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8Batman Looks More BadassV2 Comments
9Gotham City Looks Better

The city is way more cooler looking than it was now. - Mettsbackup

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10Better Batmobiles

The Batmobiles look cooler to me. - Mettsbackup

The Schumacher Batmobile looks like a giant penis for crying out loud! - Brobusky

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