Top Ten Reasons Why Toad Should Be in the Next Smash for the Nintendo NX

toad are beloved fungi friend has yet to be in a smash game while other underserving characters get it "cough" "cough" Roasalina and luma we should send a message to nintendo on why he should be in and a moveset be creative and no trolling and have reasonable reasons

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1He has been wanted since melee

Wario and Bowser are good characters. And why the hell do you have a luma icon if you hate Rosalina? Toad is a generic piece of garbage anyway. - DCfnaf

Its true but he was beaten out by wario and bowser - epictoonsfan1

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2He is more popular than RosalinaV1 Comment
3Nintendo could make more sales of the game because of adding himV1 Comment
4Toad's awesome

And you hate Rosalina because she "appears in everything" but you don't even take Toad into consideration. They literally shove him in everything just to prevent original RPG characters from getting in. - DCfnaf

Toad is hilarious and entertaining, he got captured in Luigi's Mansion and was free by Luigi. He has a weird voice though. - AnimeDrawer

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5He is a classic Mario character

He has been in almost every mario game - epictoonsfan1

6He could have toadette as a costume

We already have diffrent character coustumes male wii fit trainer female villager Alph and female robin so why not another - epictoonsfan1

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7Roasalina is an overrated fighter while toad is underrated

Toad is overrated! And who even likes Rosalina on this website? I don't know anyone who does. - DCfnaf

I know a lot of people actually but I can't remember there names - epictoonsfan1

8His movesV1 Comment
9Final smash

Mega toad similar to giga bowser but all toad has to do to hurt his enemys is walk on them jump on them he ca also use his normal attacks as well - epictoonsfan1

10Toad has starred in his own game

If he got his own game why is not in yet - epictoonsfan1

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11He is cool
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