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1 Toy Story's Original

You people literally argue over kids' movies on this site... - ryanrimmel

Toy Story is without doubt brilliant. Frozen doesn't deserved to win Academy for Best Animated Movie. Totally lame and stupid. - divphygamer

Toy story is one of the original Disney movies. And even till this day I still like it - nintendofan126

There's Many Lists That Are "Top 10 Reasons Why (Disney Film) Is Better Than Frozen", There's This (Toy Story), Star Wars VII, Inside Out, Wreck-It Ralph, And Big Hero 6, So... I'm Surprised There's No List Of Why Moana, Finding Dory And BEST OF ALL, Zootopia, Are Better Than Frozen, And Yes, I'm Making Those Lists Soon, I'm Most Likely To Do The First 2, But I'm Thinking About The 3rd One For A Second - VideoGamefan5

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2 Frozen Is Overrated

My mom loves frozen- oh, wait- MY WHOLE FAMILY LOVES IT.

It isn't even that good! Frozen does not deserve to be the top grossing animation film.

Toy story is good - Gamecubesarecool193

Frozen is without a doubt the most overrated kids movie. Why do people even like the movie? When it first came out, it got popular in like a WEEK. - EpicJake

Frozen is extremely overrated and it isn't even good. - cosmo

Toy Story is perfectly in the middle especially all three. - Metts

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3 Toy Story Has Better Characters

Yeah, I found most of these characters likable and it mp reminded my of my childhood totally nostalgic and it makes me fell like a little kid again Ugh those were the good times

Way better characters! Hands down! - Metts

4 Toy Story Has a Better Story

Toy story is more interesting and heart touching. It makes teens and adults think about their childhood.

Wrong. Hey dumbass frozen fan toy story was awesome and inspiring while frozen is terrible.

I almost cry in the ending of toy story 3, and when anna is almost the dead in frozen is... Meh

All three got a so much better story than Frozen. - Metts

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5 Toy Story's Funny

Great humour both words and body languages

I love it when Rex said He tortures toys, just for fun! And also when Woody said so play nice! - Metts

6 Frozen Has Annoying Songs

Toy story has much better songs such as 'when she loved me', 'I will go sailing no more' and 'strange things' which people should be listening to. Frozen has very annoying songs, like what kind of lyric is "I'm the one with the wind and sky", sounding full of herself.

"Summer" could've been a kind of comical relief; to take your mind away from the sadness and stress of the movie and take you into Olaf's little dream world. Although, I love Toy Story way more than I love Frozen, honestly Frozen is a bit annoying. - CloudofMercury

"Let it go", "Do you wanna build a snowman? " and "Summer" are the most annoying songs in the whole movie. - CartoonsGirl

Frozen songs are annoying and I made a Mario parody of let it go called let's a go

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7 Frozen Doesn't Make That Much Sense

Toy story is a million times better than Frozen, but the problem is they changed the story and they was not aware that the original idea was better and the part when they changed the story became messy - idontknow

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8 Toy Story Has Better Heartwarming Moments V 2 Comments
9 Anna Is Way Too Desperate for Love

You don't marry someone you just meant. Do you see people in public walking up to a starter and telling them "let's get married tomorrow? " No! - nintendofan126

Buzz Lightyear: Princess Anna, you will surrender and go to prison.

She wants to marry a guy she just meet.Why? Why all of a sudden she is interested in boys? It never showed any signs in the beginning of movie? Am I missing something here? - CartoonsGirl

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10 You Got a Friend In Me is Better Than Let It Go

You got a friend in me is 4 billion times better Than Let It Go

Really. Let it Go is a stupid song. Yes, I know I never knew Toy Story a lot, but at least I know the song from 1995. You've got a Friend in Me was a great song. Catchy, fun, and you know the lines more than the crap from Frozen.

Oh yeah! It's far better! I love listening to this song! You got a friend in me is far better than let it go. - Metts

You got a friend in me, not Elsa!

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11 Toy Story is a legendary movie

Let's seen in the 2023 if frozen is still remembered

It probably will be because they are possibly making a sequel, still are making merchandise, made the short frozen fever, and is making a lego short called northern lights and is on Disney on ice.

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12 Frozen's Lack of Character Development V 2 Comments
13 Toy story came out in 1996. Frozen came out in 2013.

Not trying to be rude, but that isn't much of a reason. Also, Toy Story was made in 1995, not 1996. - Sparklesthehen

14 It has a legitimate villain

Hans was instantly defeated.i hope they do it better at frozen 2

15 Unoriginal and predictable story
16 Toy story had a meaning and was more emotional

Disney was NOT trying when making Disney's Frozen, it looks lazy, ugly and such.

17 People actually like Toy Story
18 Nearly getting blown up, torn apart, and burned is much worse than nearly getting frozen into an ice statue
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