Top Ten Reasons Why Vaporeon Is a Great Pokemon

Vaporeon has been my favorite eeveelution even since I laid eyes on it. So I'm makeing this list because of that.

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1It Has Great HP

It reaches over 400. For a little Pokemon. It has a lot of HP. - nintendofan126

What did Vaporeon ate at lunch? - Delgia2k

My vaporeon is level 100 but, it reached 395 hp. - Hamsterdragon260

2It's Cute

Every time I see vaporeon. I just wanna hug it - nintendofan126

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3It's Underrated

Most of the time Pokemon fans would say umbreon of espeon is the best. But I'd say vaporeon is the best. - nintendofan126

4It Learns Good Moves

Hydro pump, aqua jet, ice beam, blizzard, surf, hydro pump, and much more. - nintendofan126

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5Goes Great With Glaceon

Call me crazy, but I always thought vaporeon and glaceon was a cute couple. Please don't hate me. - nintendofan126

6It's One of the Best Water Pokemon

It's definitely one of my favorites. - nintendofan126

7It Was One of the First Eeveelutions

Way back when Pokemon started. There was only 3 eeveelutions. And I'd would pick the water one^_^ - nintendofan126

8It's Great for Any Team

It's always helpful on my team. - nintendofan126

9Its Shiny Version Is Awesome

I got a shiny Eevee while trading with someone and I wanted to evolve it into Sylveon then I forgot that the Eevee was a boy (Sylveon looks feminine to me so I wanted a girl Eevee to evolve it into Sylveon) I then looked up pictures of the Shiny Eeveelutions and I picked Vaporeon as the one that I wanted. Now I am the proud owner of a Shiny Vaporeon. Or rather, was. I got that during my first Y playthrough. Since then, I restarted my game. - RiverClanRocks

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1. It Has Great HP
2. It's Underrated
3. It's Cute
1. It Has Great HP
2. It's Cute
3. It's Underrated



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