Top Ten Reasons Why the Virtual Boy Sucks

We know the Virtual Boy sucks but there are reasons behind it
We are counting down with Top Ten Reasons Why The Virtual Boy Sucks of All Time

The Top TenXW

1Rushed Technology

It was rushing to the market and it was short lived

2Less Games

There are less games for this garbage

3Causes Seizures and Headache

Why would anybody playing a console that make you get headache and seizures!?
You think the Polybius or Lavender Town Syndrome song are the mighty suicidal champion?! But no the VB just literally the mighty suicidal champion

4Bad Design

The console designs are bad I mean look at it its like a goggle on a stand!

5Batteries are quickly drained by playing

Playing this with using battery are quickly drained so you go to the market to buy many batteries! Just what is Nintendo thinking?!

6Red and Black Colors When Playing

I saw that at angry video game nerd

Its obviously red and black I'm not kidding

7Horrible Games

I'm not saying Mario games on this are bad but there are bad games on this like Water World or the space shooting game thingy with using lines

8No Good Library of Games

Like I said Mario games on this are not bad but just the games are bad and nearly no good games on this

9Awful Ports of Games

Tetris on this are so bad

10Most games are not fulfilling

Some of the more decent games like Wario Land and Galactic Pinball are games that don't need to be on the Virtual Boy and have better alternatives on other consoles anyways.

Most games are not full filling the law of reality like Mario games on this why the name is Virtual Boy I mean just what the heck?!

The Contenders

11No Head Strap
12It Doesn't Even Feel Like Virtual Reality
13The cancellation of Mario Kart Virtual Cup
14Princess Peach appears in the Virtual Boy games instead of Princess Daisy
15Phony as a three-dollar bill
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