Top Ten Reasons Why We Should Listen to Black Metal


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1It's Dark and Evil

This is probably the main reason why I listen to black metal. The darkness and evilness in every riff and vocals are overwhelming. - joshsanz

Who would wanna listen to something that would turn them into psychopathic killers?

Yeah it has a good dark and evil sound

2It's Raw

Being raw makes the genre more unique than the other metal subgenres. - joshsanz

3Musicians are Talented and Crazy

Not until you listen to their songs and witness them performing live, you will not believe how talented they are. - joshsanz

4It's Pleasing to the Ears

Come on people! You listen to black metal because you think the guys in the black metal bands are cool and brutal? You think that makes you cool too? You posers! Black metal is something more than that
Feel it with your soul or leave this awesome genre with its brutality alone.

5Because of Dead and Euronymous

There should be option "Varg Vikernes".

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6It is Cool

No its not. Its bad and evil. We should listen to good stuff like Casting Crowns, and Big Daddy Weave. Or if you want some metal, how about Stryper.

7Powerful Shrieks
8Church Arsons and Bible RippingV1 Comment
9Ear Pleasing Beatblast

This should be number 1 on this list, I'm with you "FOREVER ENEMY OF GOD! "

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11Unblack Metal

This is also known as Christian Black Metal.

12It Drives Parents Insane

Whoever made this list is an idiot.

13Death to Smooth Jazz

I will never understand the person who made this list.

14Racialism and Nationalism
15It Enters Your Soul
16Not All of It is Satanic

There is Christian black metal

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17Blasphemous and Vulgar Lyrics

Why would anybody, and I mean anybody, wanna listen to stuff that literally talks about killing, raping, being racist, and worshiping satan? No wonder metal isn't mainstream.

This is the worst list I've ever looked up.

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18Good Meditation
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1. It's Raw
2. Musicians are Talented and Crazy
3. It's Dark and Evil



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