Top 10 Reasons Why Wreck-It Ralph Is Better Than Frozen


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21 King Candy/Turbo is a better villain than Hans

Um, isn't "better villain" already on the list?

I can go on and on about Hans being a rip-off of Turbo, but to make it short, Hans just tried to trick Anna First and THEN rule the kingdom. Turbo did the opposite and tried to kill Vannelope first, but when he found out that deleting the code only made her a glitch and didn't kill her, he then locked up the racer's and citizen's memories and keep her out of racing.

With their memories of Vannelope deleted, Turbo disguised himself as king Candy and was free to take over.
His reign lasted for 15 years while Hans didn't have the chance to take over.

Plus, Turbo went from taking over Sugar Rush to TAKING OVER THE ARCADE!

22 Wreck-It Ralph Doesn't Brainwash Little Kids

If any Disney movie is brainwashing anybody, it's Zootopia.

Neither does "Frozen". The only movie that brainwashes little kids and unfortunately several adults is "The Lego Movie".

If There's A Disney Movie Brainwashing People It's Finding Dory - VideoGamefan5

23 Crossover Characters

I actually consider this a point AGAINST "Wreck-It Ralph". People won't shut up about how their favorite game character didn't appear or wasn't in the movie enough and complain about the movie's actual plot because they went in expecting nothing but a big crossover.

People like video games,ok,but not completly because wreck it Ralph was out,mostly because video games are great to play,and if anything people keep talking about frozen

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24 Much Better Graphics

These movies were made by the same people! The animation style does NOT look different.

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