Top 10 Most Redneck U.S. States

This list narrows down the top 10 redneck states of all 50.

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Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas should b in cinsideration for number 1

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Lots and lots of hospitality, plus every school is filled with camo.

I think Alabama is more redneck

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West Virginia more hillbilly than Tennessee

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4South Carolina

Amen buddy, I love my rednecks and I love my state. Bourbon, trucks, dirt bikes and the Second Amendment is all we need!

6West Virginia

I like how this wasn't even on here because people forgot it was a state

Blood Red in some areas, but for the most part, the kindest most honorable people on the face of the earth.

The redneck capital of the east coast!

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7LouisianaV3 Comments

Alabama is actually a whole lot nicer than what some people would think. Most of the people I've met in that state aren't rednecks. - NuMetalManiak

I'm from Alabama and I'm proud to be a redneck but even more so I'm proud to be an American. Yee Yee

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I've live in Texas and I've always seen at least 1 mobile home or white trash house in Texas. Not all of them are like that but it can be hillbilly heaven there - SirSkeletorThe3rd

Texas shouldn't even be in the top 15!

Texas is the king of rodeos and pickup trucks.


We also like our barbeque and state fairs! Oh, and don't forget rodeos!

How have I not seen Arkansas or North Carolina yet

There hillbillies and rednecks paradise

This is hilarious. 5% of the state is hick

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Maryland is a closet redneck state.

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I live in a suburb of Pittsburgh. Kids that wear camo hoodies every day and rev their engines 24/7 are "rednecks" - ryanrimmel

No way Pennsylvania is more redneck than Oklahoma and Arkansas

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13North Carolina

North Carolina isn't entirely red neck. Most of its residents are kind, good people. But of course, it has its rough areas.


Arkansas is more redneck than Missouri, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Louisiana and maybe more

Arkansas should b top 7 at least. Maryland ahead of Arkansas u have to b kidding

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