Top Ten Requested Possible Females for Smash 5 NX


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1Inkling Girl (Splatoon)

This rebel has popularized one of the top selling video games of 2015 and this character will most likely be in the next installment of the game - Jup

2Princess Daisy (Mario)

Smash Bros has two princesses from the Mario series so far Peach and Rosalina and her move-sets would probably surround her affinity for flowers and she could use powers she's equipped in previous games such as her Crystal Smash and her powers to summon flowers. and she'd most likely be an offensive character. - Jup

We have Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser, Bowser Jr, Rosalina, Dr Mario, Toad and Waluigi as non playable and Koopalings as alts, we only need Daisy!

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3Linkle (Legend of Zelda)

This character has popularized Hyrule Warriors and her moveset would very unique since she uses bowguns and she was request many times although she never made it Smash 4 this may be her chance to appear in the next Smash - Jup

4Ashley and Red (Warioware)

Her move-sets would very possible since she posses magic and sorcery and she could use attacks dealing magic and her broom perhaps.And she'd most likely would become the third duo fighter cause she has Red as a sidekick and he can turn into a wand or a broom she can use. - Jup

5Krystal (Star-fox)

This character has been request many times before and her move-sets would definitely be unique and she'd have good agility and can use gadgets such as guns against foes. - Jup

6Medusa (Kid Icarus)

Medusa would definitely be Smash material and her move-set would vary from her powers seen in Kid Icarus and she'd be a good rival for Palutena - Jup

7Titania (Fire Emblem)

Smash could use another Fire Emblem character plus her move-sets would be diverse and she has been request by many in videos and on the Smash Ballot - Jup


Shantae would make a good smasher in the game and her moves would be very unique. - Jup

She can use Risky's items or turn into her different animals with her specials. it's a wonder she hasn't been in yet... - sdgeek2003

9Dixie Kong (Donkey Kong)

Dixie Kong has been requested dozens of times and would be one to have a very unique move-set and some could reference to her abilities in the Donkey Kong series and Mario series - Jup

10Isabelle (Animal Crossing)

Personally think Isabelle would a great smash fighter and her move-set would be cool and base off her traits seen in Animal Crossing - Jup

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