Top 10 Resident Evil 5 Characters


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1Chris Redfield

Chris looks so awesome in this game. I adore him - Magnolia

2Sheva Alomar

I think sheva's pretty cool. I haven't played the full game of re 5, but I think she's a very good character that can really kick some ass. I really think they should add her in re 7 because 1:she's ain't bad looking. 2:Chris and her could have a little reuion (they don't have to be partners though). and 3: she just rocks.

I don't like her but she kicks ass in this game - Magnolia

3Albert Wesker

The best antagonist in the RE series. I am a bit annoyed that they killed him off, but he'll probably return in a future sequel.

How the hell is he not number one? - DunnaNunnaBatman

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4Excella Gionne

She is cool, sexy and smart. I guess boys love her - Magnolia

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5Josh Stone
6Ozwell Spencer
7Ricardo Irving

Irving was better than Gionne you guys just don't seem to understand business man humor.

Sheva: you're no better than those piece of scum terrorists.
Irving: Oh, I'm not like them. I'm a business man with standards!

8Dave Johnson
9Dan DeChant
10Plague Doctor

The Contenders

11Jill Valentine

Though she was only in the game for a couple of minutes, Jill still is one of the best characters. She's even playable in the expansion packs "Lost in Nightmares" and "Desperate Escape".

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