Top Ten Resident Evil Duos

Top duos in the Resident Evil film and game series. You can put your suggested teams as well if you think the chemistry is better. Villains can also be added.

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1Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine

What? Leon/Ada is number 1? Seriously? I love Leon but Ada? She is horrible
Anyway, Chris and Jill rule together. They were in original game and made this franchise so popular. Other chars wouldn't even exist without their job - Magnolia

Chris and Jill have worked since they started working together on STARS. Cofounders of the BSAA, partially responsible for the fall of Umbrella and both my personal favorite characters in the series, I can't think of a better duo.

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2Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong

Excellent team. There's still a lot of questions about them and ada's back round yet to be explored.

The greatest duo in the series hands down. -

Greatest duos ever re 4 is one of the greatest games ever

They would make such bad ass couple. - LukeTargaryen

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3Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield
4Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy

When this happens in the real game, it would be awesome. -

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5Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar
6Jill Valentine and Ada WongV1 Comment
7Chris Redfield and Claire Redfield

It's difficult to go up against a brother/sister tandem, especially in an apocalyptic horror game :)

These guys get my vote! - sapphirewhirlwind

8Alice and Carlos Oliveira
9Alice and Jill Valentine

Definatly #1! Remember the graveyard scene in RE: Apocalypse? - fireinside96

10Albert Wesker and William Birkin

They Were Friend & partner for 20 years in Umbrella Corporation

Fight them both at the same time I dare you

The Contenders

11Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin
12Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper

Great team they work very well together. They have a lot of great future potential through the series. And that also goes for helena herself I think shes a excellent new character to series as well.

13Parker Luciani and Raymond Vester

These two were really good as a team because of Parker's strength and Raymond's speed. - MyRockets345

14Jill Valentine and Barry Burton
15Ada Wong and Claire Redfield
16Alice and Ada Wong
17Alice and Claire Redfield
18Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine
19Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers
20Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen
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