Top 10 Resident Evil Survivor Characters


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1Ark Thompson

Suffering from amnesia and is trying to figure out what he's doing on the island. Expert marksman and survivalist. He is friends with Leon Kennedy. - Magnolia


After his parents died Lott and his sister Lily were captured and locked up in a cell in the Umbrella facility. After escaping he and his sister have been on the run ever since. - Magnolia

4Vincent Goldman

Umbrella operative and commander of the installation. Dies after causing Ark's helicopter to crash. - Magnolia


The skinless beast from RE2 makes another appearance. Except he's a lot slower, very easy to kill. Just move backwards whenever he leaps. - Magnolia


Fast moving and heavy hitting. Its best to keep your distance and use a powerful weapon like the magnum to bring them down. If they get in your face a shotgun blast'll do just fine. - Magnolia


Very slow but they shoot projectile acid so keep your distance. Fire works best on these critters. - Magnolia


Insists on walking everywhere so go nuts with the handgun and grenade launcher. Heavy hitter so keep your distance. - Magnolia

9Hypnos (Mutated Form)
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