Top Ten Best Restaurants In the United States

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The healthiest one on the list deserves to be the second best on yet. I still love Umi's more. - BlackYoshi410

Health and really taste food, you curate yourself, also good suriese.

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2Umi's Japanese Steakhouse

How can't you like this place. It would take forever to get over why its good, but I've shortened down to four reasons out of the million. One is they cook right in front of you. Two the food is food you would favor. Three the chefs have a good sense of humor. And four is the ginger sauce. - BlackYoshi410

Do you get Wagamama in America? It's the best Japanese restaurant in England. By a long shot. - PositronWildhawk

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This fast food place has good food but Ronald McDonald deserves to get put down as weird in Apples to Apples. - BlackYoshi410

McDonald's is lame. How is this even a good restaurant? It's everywhere! I don't see whats all that good about Mcdonalds, I like it but to where it's the best. - pickickss

I'm lovin' it! (Still in the process. ) - HezarioSeth

No. Ronald McDonald deserves to get his own whoppers and crappy chicken nuggets thrown in his face!


If it's spelled wrong, sorry. I went here a lot as a kid. - BlackYoshi410


The best chicken you ever tasted deserves the sixth spot. - BlackYoshi410

Best chicken, best coleslaw beat biscuits. - comicoco

Delicious. I just had some.

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Has some of the greatest foods for a road side restaurant. It's a small one but a great one as we'll - BlackYoshi410

7Wendy'sV1 Comment
8Taco Bell
9Hoy Tin

Has the best wonton soup. - BlackYoshi410

10Little Ceasers

The best pizza and the lowest wait. - BlackYoshi410

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11Pizza Hut

I think it should be in 1st position

12Olive Garden

Gotta love this place a lot! It's heaven.

14Dave & Buster's
15Burger King
17Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen
18Red Lobster
19Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits
20Wood Grill Buffet
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