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1Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

This is Top 1 in all song so Perfect so much so weird but so amazing best award

I love this song and lady but Justin bieber is better

This sould be the top 1 ever.bad romance is the botton line of the more of 30 million of the songs and videos in the historic music

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2E.T-Katy Perry

Katy perry I'm sorry I what to say good bye to you from scotty masters I love Britney spears she is my girlfriend I hope Britney spears to playing baby one more time is my favorite music on radio stations

I like songs of E.T is good for katy perry she is playing that make me happy your boyfriend scotty
masters hay katy perry I will asking are you be my girlfriend

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This song should be number 1.Rihanna is perfect and katy is perfect too.

One of ma best songs (Diamond). Rihanna rocks evrytym. Vry well done rihanna

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4Die Young - Ke$ha
5Judas-Lady Gaga

This song so perfect song because story of God and demon so Perfect song by ladygaga

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6Firework - Katy Perry

This song is very inspiring. Whenever I feel depressed I listen to it because I know I am a firework

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7Tik Tok-Ke$ha

Should be Number 1!
Hopefully, the first statement won't be true in the future.

I personally like her song die young better, but I LOVE til top to. - moonwolf

I agree this is the PERFECT pop song.

1 first is the word

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8Poker Face - Lady Gaga

LOVE this song so much I know all of its choreography

This song should be in top 2.after of bad romance of so fantastic and iconic I love you poker face

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9Umbrella - RihannaV2 Comments
10Hold It Against Me-Britney Spears

Oh, come on. Tik Tok is just bad. I get it, it's catchy and all but what's its point? It's a mess. And yes, this is my PERSONAL opinion. Not to mention that Kesha herself is a mess. Too much auto tune. I don't say Britney doesn't use auto tune but at least, in her early years she sang for real. By the way, we also have every time. How many 'real' songs have we heard from Kesha? None. I know her fans will be mad at me but I have the right to express my opinion as we all have. Lady Gaga's Judas... Oh, I wouldn't be so upset if it was one of Lady Gaga's notable songs. Not the blasphemous one. She mocks Jesus and religious stuffs. I admit that it's beat can be catchy but every Christian who respects their religion won't vote with that song just because it's wrong. Yes, I am a Christian, not a hardcore one but I can't accept this.

I'm greatest fan of britney this is the best ever vocals bri ever experienced
Love you britney

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11Till the World Ends - Britney Spears
12Roar-Katy Perry

This song is wonderful, it makes me get up and dance no matter what mood I'm in. It brightens up my day and the video is fabulous. I am a big fan and I think this should be rated higher.

This song rules! She have the eye of a tiger! She roared that tiger out! - amber450

The song is great. This song makes me feel stronger and I love the music video

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13Dark Horse - Katy Perry

This song has a great beat to it. I love the video. It is very creative

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14...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
15Work B***h-Britney SpearsV2 Comments
16I Wanna Go - Britney Spears
17Circus - Britney Spears

This is such a cool song and one of my favorites. It should definitely be more popular

18Applause-Lady Gaga

No real this is top 1 of song because of Applause claps your hands put your push up

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19Pour It Up-Rihanna
20Crazy Kids-Ke$ha
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