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1Prayer of the Refugee

Yep, seems almost like someone was actually telling a true story

The lyrics, the beat... wonderful. - mangobubble

Great lyrics to pump me up before a rugby match

Awesome song

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The lyrics and melody are fantastic. The greatest most super awesome song ever written by Rise Against.. It's like listening to god and all his angels sing.

It's an Incredible song. Definitely my favorite because of the awesome fast and slow parts throughout. Plus the beat is like contagious.

Amazing this song is the best one that they have, personally I find it much better than prayer of a refugee... though hat is definitely second.

Personally, I only listen to this song from R.A.. However, this is a great song that is easy to sing along with. It's a Awesome song that everyone should listen to.

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3The Good Left Undone

I like all of Rise Against's song. I first found Rise
Against through a risky buy of their album Appeal to Reason(having only heard Reeducation). Since that moment I was a die-hard fan.

Though I like all their songs, I will share with you some of my favorites and why I like them, by album in no particular order.

Audience of One: An instant favorite from my first listen of Appeal to Reason. Its still as great now as when I first heard it.

From Heads Unworthy: I passed over this and many others with my first listen of the album. But after another listen, I took a particular liking to it, especially the pre chorus.

The Strength to Go On: One of the ones I passed over, after an intensive listen I fell in love. "What we are is the sum of a thousand lies. What we know is almost nothing at all. We are, we are, til the day we die. Or until we don't have the strength to go on, til we don't have the strength to go o-o-on. "

Others songs ...more

This song is unlike any other. The beats go from slow to fast and leave you utterly entertained. When I hear this song, I feel it and I can't say that about very many songs. They are my Nirvana.

This is my favorite song ever, I absolutely love it. When I first heard it, I listened to it over and over, I live and breathe The Good Left Undone. It's the rhythm of my life. Rise Against is unlike anything you'll ever hear. So say what you want, but I'm in it for life.

I love this song, but I still feel like you can't experience it properly unless you listen to Roadside first, and then launching into this

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4Hero of War

this song truly describes what war is all about, not just what the world wants to tell you, their best song and the most deep and meaningful lyrics of any song I've listened to, Rise Against all the way!

This is the best war song I have ever heard. - TravK

When I played it for him, it pissed my dad off without him understanding why. He asked, annoyed, "what was it about? " I said, "war is hell. " He agreed with that much, at least.

Great meaning, awesome voice, powerful all the same, the song is outstanding and their best work in my opinion

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5Re-Education (Through Labor)

Great song. Rise against always writes songs that have meaning and address the issues in our world today.

The way this song starts is just amazing. I could listen to it all day. This and prayer of refugee are my favorites!

They have many awesome songs, but none of them can top this amazing song! - wazabee900

Love the anger being thrown out to make this song! Great song.

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6Swing Life Away

It's really hard to pick a favorite Rise Against song when there are so many good songs by them. I'm a big fan of their first 4 albums, like really big fan, and there next two are brilliant. Black Market was okay, but definitely not as good as their previous work. So basically they have a lot of good stuff.

Swing Life Away has to always get my vote because I'll never forget when I first heard it and was confused that it was Rise Against whom I've known as a heavy fast-paced punk band. This is a perfect example that Rise Against cold go soft and still sound awesome. - cjWriter1997

I really love this song. It's calm and refreshing after listening to some of their other songs. It perfectly describes how one should live: loving and care-free. Who cares if you have a low paying job? As long as your making it, you'll be fine. There's probably some deeper meaning in this song, but I like the simple ideas presented. THIS SHOULD BE HIGHER!

It's the only song that I can sing along to, definitely one of the best songs I've heard in a while. Rise Against all the way. Please make more songs like this!

Completely different sound from Rise Against! Great song

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The best song on the new album "Endgame". This should be in the top at least for sure. Vote Satellite!

One of the best albums I have heard in a while is endgame and this is the best song on it!

By far the best song from the new album, this song has shot into my Top 5 of all time!

Ending is the greatest wins it all for me

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such a true, deep, and cutting edge song, by far one of their best

Best message of any rise against song. "We've all been sorry we've all been hurt, but how we survive is what makes us who we are. " Amazing!

The first song I've ever listened to by rise against, and many albums later it's still my favourite despite the fact my favourite album has been Appeal to Reason! Such a great song and a shame it's not higher up

Hard choice but this song rings with me the most. Heck I have a shirt with the lyrics on it haha. - Buckerss

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9Make It Stop (September's Children)

Makes me cry every time I see the videoclip... Probably one of the best songs I've heard, with a wonderful meaning

I've been suicidal and this song is totally my anthem. It is so moving and I honestly cry like hell when I listen to it or watch the video. Think of the september children and what this song stands for. The world needs the change that music can bring. Our generation the teenagers don't listen to lectures and rants, we pay attention to music and what our bands tell us. Truly its like a cult. Basically we need the encouragement of this song and its meanings, the impact suicide has on others is big enough of an issue to try and better the world. No one should have to kill themselves because of bullying.

Powerful song! It's the song that's got me thinking the most and it's sad If you know what it's about: the 9 kids who killed themselves in September for getting bullied because they were gay

This is the best song off of Endgame and one their most relatable songs it should make the top 5

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10Give It All

awesome song! heard it on need for speed underground 2 first and loved it! - dragon13304

Love this song! This was my reason to listen and know more about Rise Against! Its just epic! Always on my ipod!

Flatout 2 is responsible for me getting addicted to this awesome band's mindblowing songs! I was just blown away when I heard it for the first time!

Give it all was the first song I've ever heard by Rise Against, and it's up in my top favorites. It's a very fast song and a really iconic song for the band that just gives you the right amount of adrenaline you need to accomplish anything

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?Tragedy + Time

Wow, only #78? You've got to be kidding me. No, it doesn't quite get the top spot (my personal favorites are Satellite, Good Left Undone, and Paper Wings), and yes, it's fairly new, but Tragedy + Time definitely deserves more recognition. It's one of my favorite songs from the new album, The Black Market (although I Don't Want To Be Here Anymore, Methadone, and Eco-Terrorist are also great), and this particular song kind of helped me get through a tough time of my own. Beautiful lyrics.

Without a doubt the best song on their new album. The way it speaks to people.. insane

I'd say this song isn't one of their best, but I do think it is one to listen to.

This song deserves to be in top 25, not 69! I love this song

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Epicness just got a new definition. This song is what Rise Against is about. It's rough, but also pretty deep. I absolutely love this song, and all the other songs of course. This band has absolutely changed my life.

Epic. Rise against in all their glory. Injection is the reason as to why I have fallen for Rise Against to begin with. Their songs are like ecstasies, and they mean more than people allow them to mean. Unlike so many bands and artists which are faulty, Rise against has proven to ingrain themselves in their music, and I see this most in Injection. I honestly feel that this song is a work of art, and has become one of my favorite songs of all times. It went from only hearing the name to falling for this group and making it one of my top favorites in music.

Incredible, Rise Against at their best

Absolutely amazing.

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12Paper Wings

I have to respect the top 5. There are some amazing songs there. But this song is what made rise against a great band for me. Pure emotion and energy with amazing drums. Deserves a better place than number 16..

Please vote to increase its popularity.

Not many songs can captivate raw emotion, and the few song that do tend not to be very successful. However, this is one of the few songs that does. This song has put into words what so many people live through every day, the struggle in one's mind and heart that nobody seems to understand. Paper Wings is what you get when you pour out all of your emotions and feelings for someone when you just can't take it any longer. And that is why it should be number 1.

The song that could convince me how great rise against is! (together with swing life away)

This song is so deep, so powerful, my brain explodes whenever I hear this song!

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13Ready to Fall

Wow This should be top 5

In my mind it's #1 Ready To Fall is awesome!

I can't help but sing Along and wanna Scream during the Chorus - Curti2594

The message and lyrics is just great. The emotion in the vocals are just awesome. All the instruments in the songs come together perfectly.

The lyrics are the best that is why should vote

This is at least #3 or #4

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14Audience of One

This is one of my favorite songs by rise against. Along with prayer of the refugee, savior, reeducation, satellite, survive, and injection. In no particular order. It should at least be in the top ten.

Probably not #1 but definitely should be in the top 5.

Savior, Audience of One, Prayer of the Refugee, Paper Wings, Injection- top 5 (not in any order) - cowboyskid2

The lyrics of this song are so beautiful, artistic and meaningful. The rhythm blows my mind every time I hear it, for me it's by far their best, which is saying a lot.

Surprised so low, my favorite Rise Against Song

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15Behind Closed Doors

This song is awesome... transmits me very emotion...
Rise Against Rocks! This song for me should be on first... this is my favourite song from my favourite band! ;p

This song reminds me to never give up but instead, 'rise against' any challenge that may come in my way. Truly amazing and inspiring. Plus, this was the first song that introduced me to Rise Against in the first place. So actually it's amazing, inspiring AND sentimental.

Best song by rise against without comparison. Top 3 songs are just the more mainstream ones and prayer of the refugee is on guitar hero that's why people know them

It's f###ing awesome! I can't believe its not in the top 10!

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This song is amazing! In my opinion the best song of the new album... So it really should be in the top 10! Just listen to it a few times and you will love it

I can't believe this is not up there in the top tens... Come on guys! Listen to the lyrics and you will understand!

"Make no mistake, we are not afraid
To bear the burden of repeating what they're thinking anyway
Let's raise the stakes on the bet we made
Let's decide to be the architects, the masters of our fate"

Definitely should be top 10, top 5 for me

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Deep inside these burning buildings
Voices die to be heard
Years we spent teaching a lesson
We ourselves had never learned!

Best verse:
The drones all slave away, they're marching overtime.
They serve a faceless creed, they never question why.
Disciples of a god, that neither lives nor breathes.
But we have bills to pay, yeah we have mouths to feed.
When they played this part live, the entire arena went nuts,
It was amazing.

One of the first rise against songs I've ever heard, amazing lyrics and guitar we are doing a cover of this son in our band

Definitely their best songs. Defines awesomeness.

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18Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The emotion in time voice is amazing, it gives the brilliantly crafted lyrics that much more meaning. I think the reason this and other songs from siren song of the counter culture aren't higher on the list is because most rise against fans haven't heard them. If they all did, these would be higher up. This, swing life away, paper wings, tip the scales, and dancing for rain are stand outs for me, the rest from the album are also great. Of coarse, I love all rise against albums, the sufferer and the witness being my favorite, I just thought siren song deserved far more then it's getting.

The Most UNDERRATED Song of rise against... How could this be at no.19... There's no chance of such a beautiful song lying so low in the list... This Song Deserves the 2nd Spot... Unbelievable Song... Especially the tune turn at the mid-time...

Beautiful Lyrics...
Top Class Music...
The Perfect Piece of Music...
Killing Chorus...
Absolutely 1st class Material...

P.S. : Listen to this song once and if you don't like rate my comment down to the depths of hell if you don't like - shouryat2b

Tim packs a powerful lesson in the resounding lines of this song. The verses ask a impassioned question; "When I die will they remember not what I did but what I haven't done? " This briskly paced chorus reminds us how fragile our hopes and dreams really are; "When we build these dreams on sand/how they all slip through our hands. " But at the same time, Tim instills us with a sense of urgency because "this may be our only chance. " From every vantage, there is a powerful meaning behind these thoughtful lyrics; "the time we kill keeps us alive. "

I agree. Most underrated song by them ever. A lot of people forget it even exists. I know every single rise against song well whether it be on there albums or released on some other medium and this is my favourite song by them.

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19Like the Angel

The song that started it all for me, Thank you Tony Hawk for introducing me to such a great band through your video games.

How is this song so low? This is simply disgraceful. Anyway everyone vote for this song- severely under-appreciated.

Probably one of my favorites, starts off nice and slow then goes into full Rise Against mode. Plus it has a really great solo that gives you an awesome feeling when you hear it

True Rise Against fans would vote for this song any day!

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This is the song I found after I looked up Rise Against after I heard Savior. Pretty much has been my favorite song of all time now.

Simply awesome. It shows just how good Rise against is.

One of their best songs, as good as Satellite, definitely should be higher than 20th.

Much good. Such wow

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