Top 10 ROBLOX Characters

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21 PoohBear53
22 BashFan2
23 Amina70720

Who put me here? I don't know how to make good games, but thanks anyway. - MorganChambz

24 iMajesticGalaxy

He is famous for his Awesome group and game Club Strobe and his many other games that are really fun to play! He also has a YouTube channel where he post random content on. And even a Twitter! I think he deserves a spot on this list. He is an awesome player on Roblox that I know will make it to the Front page one day. And if your reading this iMajesticGalaxy its me PewdsiePie2000 I like your games a lot dude!

I've seen this guy before in a game, he seems pretty cool I have not played his games before but I'll check them out.

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25 RubixHero
26 thegamer101

He created one of my favorite games

27 AnnaTheAmazing

This was the name of my old character on ROBLOX

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28 guineayoshi88
29 Kohl123123

Famous made my favorite game and my favorite group called The First Empire

30 Hanafi20 V 1 Comment
31 W1Ethepivotman

He quit I think... I never saw him online since then. 9/24/14. I checked one of his alts and same. Is he hacked? Or he quit? He is one my buddies!

32 bereghost

How can you not like Bereghost, His video's are really cool well most of them -_-

Bereghost is a great youtouber but I don't like his videos too much because of that kid
Well I hope he gets older soon

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33 ImNOTaN00BneverXD

His account was hacked his new account is called IveyIvarest - RPD6478

34 1dev3
35 Amura
36 Therese1123

She doesn't make good worlds but she is so sweet and doesn't say bad about other players and she Allahs accepts friend requests

37 Vetexgaming
38 xXWalglesXx
39 Supershadic1010

I'm a rainbow and I made skittles and I have slick hair and I'm a PvP master

40 melodysmartbella123 V 1 Comment
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