Top 10 Roblox Games of 2013

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21Base Wars: The Land

This game is great but only one probably spawn killers

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22Sword Fighting Tournament

Great designs, great game, great everything what else can you ask for. Attacking people with swords for points and get point for more sword so you can attack more people and get MORE POINTS!

23Apocalypse Rising

Zombie, I think yes. With a few months of staying on the first chart is has to be good. Even better than some zombie games that are payed!

24Call of Robloxia 5 - Roblox at War

This is gonna be even better once the new update comes out! Can't wait!

Everyone should like this game. (2 of my friends said its too hard but then they started getting better and they would now try to do trickshots! I love this game!

This game is going to be awesome when he updates it to have something to do wityh the levels

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25Natural Disaster Survival

I love these kind of games! There is this one where you are on a small island and there is a tall tower where you go when you die.

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26The Mad Murderer

Best game where the murderer tries to kill people and the sheif tries to stop them

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27Welcome to the Town of Robloxia

Not the advanced town not the edited one and not the next one the original one made by the original awesome person 1Dev2. Has houses, cars, shops like a real city. Got to love the original.

This one is boring. But there was one called, "Slenderman in the town of robloxia." I ran slenderman over with a car. LOL

I love this game but its not as popular as last year

This year, this game isn't so famous :(

28Welcome to the Neighborhood of Robloxia

Remake? No it it's own with little designs of Town of Robloxia. Has been on the number one chart for Months and still going!

29Sniper City

The Best for surviving

Good weapons

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31Attack On Titan Trost District

Oh yay I played this game make this one of the top ten. thanks valerio47 you're the best!

For me its very great game. You should play it. you can buy the pass the transform to a titan.

32Hospital Roleplay
33The Complex V7

I think it's better then all of them

34Pokemon Reborn RPG

This pokemon game is the best one ever in history of Roblox! (Certainly deserves to be a top ten

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Awesome if your not a noob like you

37Obby Tycoon 3

Its quite fun you know :D

38What Am I Drawing

Figure out what people are drawing and you may be next. If you are drawing draw what it says and if someone figures it out they are next.

39Pokemon Bluesteel
40Skydive for Admin
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